Joseph Audio Vs. Von Schweikert Vs.?

I'm trying to decide which speakers I should purchase in the near $1500.00 price range. I already have a pair of Quad ESL 63s which I am using for my light listening that are run with a McIntosh C28 pre amp and MC 2105 100W amp. At some point in the future I will be purchasing one of the newer Marantz surround sound receivers for home theater and a tube amp set-up. I'm hoping to have some flexibilty and be able to use the tube amps to either run my Quads or to biamp some towers with the tube amps for the highs and the McIntosh amp for the base. The towers would also be used in my home theater set-up as the front channels. I also already own a M&K subwoofer that I can use with my home theater. I really don't want to use my Quads for the front channels of my hometheater. Already tried that and destroyed my Denon surround receiver as the Quads kept causing it to shut down until it finally gave out. I have a really large room, so the towers need to be capable of putting out a lot of sound.

I have been looking at several different options for my front towers including Joseph Audio RM22si signatures, Joseph Audio RM25si signatures, Von Schweikert VR4s, Vandersteen 3A Signatures, Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Signatures, and Dunlavy SC 5.

It would also be nice to go with some monitors due to size considerations, although I'm concerned that this may limit the flexibility I want and am also worried that they won't be able to put out enough with my large room. Monitors I'm considering include the Usher BE718 Dancers, the PMC DB1+, and Mark & Daniel Maximus Ruby.

Any wise input in this decision would be greatly appreciated.

how big is your...i have tried VS VR4 and Tyler LSS, hands down to LSS (Im waiting for my Tyler D1 to replace my LSS) but the again it is system dependent. I have Blue Circle BC3000 MK II with HT bypass, Anthem D2 processor, and Blue Circle BC8 amp, all cables and wires are from DCCA audio. Cheers!!!!!
you nominate some outstanding candidates, although you'll be hard pressed to score some of 'em at your $1500 price point. for fronts in a ht, i don't think you can beat dunlavy--they're the best imaging, most detailed speaker i've heard. you wont get the v for $1500, although i see the iv model listed near that price; i'd jump on 'em.
FWIW, the Joseph audio RM25si, which I heard at one of the HE shows in NYC, is one of the best speakers in its class that I have heard. Very clean, open, non-boxy sounding. Nice, smooth treble with plenty of detail. Surely worth a listen.
Find used Joseph Rm25 MkII's and never look back.
of those mentioned, dunlavy
Both speakers are great but work best with tube amps.

Dunlavy is not in the league. Bright, harsh, and imaging like headphones. You have to set them wide and toe them in drastically because the off axis frequency sweep is + or - 18 db. Very bad and sound worse the louder you play.

PS. I was a Dunlavy dealer for 7 years and the only people that liked them were those that wanted detail to slap them in the face and wanted focus so tight that a singer sounded .5” wide.
Thanks for the input so far. Keep them coming. Actually, I am somewhat reluctant to go with Dunlavy given that they are out of business now and a recent post here to audiogon by them stated that they do not carry any replacement parts.
of those mentioned, dunlavy
I bought my Joseph Audio RM22si right here on audiogon for under $1000 - such a deal!

I like that they are non-fatiguing - sound good at low, medium and high levels. I traded up from a certain scandanavian speaker that was very detailed but also harsh at high volume. I found myself "evaluating" all the time - now I just "listen".

Bonus: Jeff Joseph - one of the nicest, coolest guys you'll ever meet -always hanging around his booth and doing great demos at the shows.
Vandersteen 3a signatures used
Thanks to all for your input.

I've decided to go with a pair of Joseph Audio rm25si Signature MkIIs that I was fortunate enough to find right here in Hawaii for $1500 which, I think is a pretty good deal.

Bill, do you still have the Joseph's?