Joseph Audio's In-Wall Speaker,

I have a small room that I would like to have a nice sounding 2-channel system in, for music.

Unfortunately, a traditional pair of speakers will not work well with the floorspace (and WAF.)

Does anyone own or has anyone listened to Joseph's in-wall speaker, the Insider? If so, how does it sound?

For those, that are familiar with Joseph's products, how does the Insider compare to the the RM7XL, which is their comperably priced book shelf speaker?

For a $2500 price tag, does it perform in line with other $2500 2-way speaker systems?

I am looking for feedback from those who have heard this speaker: what does it do well, what are its shortcomings, describe its overall "sound," and did you find it comperable in perofrmance to any particular traditional "box" speakers?


I own the Duntech on-wall speakers which are handsome when the face of the speaker is covered by a sonically transparent grill cloth or thinnest sheet foam.
A pair is on sale from a Florida seller here on Audiogon, and will be a magnificent bargain at the current asking price.
It is one of the surprisingly good speakers that no one seems to be familiar with.
The final appearance will be of two substantial picture frames
with the "picture" being the grill cloth.
I have no relation to the seller, but these speakers should go to someone who will be blown away by such a bargain item.
It is a bit finicky to attach to the wall due to its very substantial weight and impressive dimensions. That's what contributes to its quality sound.
I installed the Joseph In Walls in my new living room about 3 months ago. I had to replace my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven speakers due to my wife's fears of our infant son toppling the speakers onto himself. While I don't like the In Walls as much as the Beethovens I can say I do like them and their performance has surprised me in a good way.

They do sound very much like the RM7XLs. I don't think they have the same bass response as the RM7XLs but they have decent bass for their size. They do present a nice sound stage and image very well. I didn't think this would be the case with the speakers installed in the wall on either side of a window with curtains. I also have them installed rather high on the wall where the top of the enclosure is about 5 1/2 feet from the floor. I compensated for this by installing them with the tweeter on the bottom. I noticed with the tweeter on top that they sounded a little dark.

My only problem with the In Walls is they don't have the bass response I want for my main stereo rig. I had to take the sub out of my second system and use that to fill in on the bottom end. With the sub I find the sound pretty satisfying.

Comparing the sound of the In Walls to the Beethovens I would say the In Walls are faster sounding less lush sounding and don't have near the bass response. The In walls I think are more revealing of crummy recordings.

Installing the In Walls was not too dificult but you should have patience and be able to cut drywall and run cable behind walls. When installed the speakers are very unobtrusive and can be painted to match the wall color.

I would recommend the In Walls for someone who desires high end speakers but cannot have traditional floor speakers.