Joseph Audio RM7XL

Has anyone listened to or own/owned the Joseph Audio RM7XL speakers?
What are you thoughts and impressions?
This doesn't exactly answer your question but you may find it helpful in some way. I have a surround system set up using an Anthem processor, Parasound 5-channel, PS Audio P1000 Power plant, Shunyata Hydra 8, 230 watts per channel Parasound amp, 3 15" 1000 Watt Velodyne subs, and 5 JA speakers including the RM7s. They are excellent as surround or bookshelf speakers. On the fronts I have the JA RM25si Signature Mark IIs and I purchased the upgrade to XL from JA about 2 years ago for $750 but never went to get them installed yet so I cannot say how the XL version sounds. However, I would definitely get the XLs over the regular ones (unless you're attempting to save substantial money).
I attended the NY Stereophile several times (when it was current a few years back, 2000-2005) and I always felt the Joseph audio room was among best of show with their floorstanders. A nice balanced sound with great texture and a sound I could easily live with permanently: lots of detail but never etched or bitter or piercing and very decent imaging.
It was my favorite among the similarly priced competitors each year. This year I heard the Pulsars at the Axpona show in NY, and I thought the floorstanders were superior in tonality and palpability and detail. I *think* one of the ones I heard were the 7s. Joseph always demo'd with Cardas cables, and I speculate that even better results could be had with higher level cables, but the Cardas/Joseph sound was certainly excellent.