Joseph Audio RM25si Mk1 versus Dynaudio 1.8

Has anyone had the oportunity to compare these two? I found a RM25si locally being sold for $2300 (demo), but I'm not the only person with my eye on it. I was curious how it compares to the 1.8, as I really like the Dynaudio sound (have only heard the Audience series). I think the Dyns have a more open/airy sound, but I don't know if they image & soundstage as beautifully as the Josephs. I also haven't heard the Vandersteens (can they do electronic or rock or metal?) or JMLabs (are they similar to Triangles?) yet, either.

BTW, I don't have electronics yet, and these have to integrate into my living room. I listen everything from jazz to folk to electronic to metal. Thanks for the input.

I haven't compared the two, however, I have listened to the RM25si and have to say that I was not impressed at all. Very amusical and Hi-Fi sounding w/thin bass. The Legacy Audio Signature Three is a much more musical and substantially built loudspeaker than the RM25si IMHO.
Can't help you with Dyna 1.8 but 1.3 sounds and images definitely better than RM33i I havn't heard 25's but can tell you that they probably as Dynas need locomotive power to drive them.

Vandys in general are too slow for rock and metal i.e. it seems that they don't stop the driver ontime causing drums to sound longer than they should. I had Vandys 1c and even after upgrading to more powerful amp Bryston 3b-st after Creek 4330R they still didn't do the right job with dynamic rock and fusion jazz. When I listened to larger Vandys 2ce ones with even more powerfull Plinius 8200 they had this problem even larger. So my suggestion is to wait untill you grow to Vandy 5 that I think one of the most successfull speakers in $25000 range(Warning ultra-ugly with no cover!:-)).
Many folks love Vandys with tubes but that can also be an issue with many more speakers that do tend to benefit from tube drive(I love them better with tubes as well).
If anyone's interested, I decided not to go with the Joseph Audios. I did not think they were fast or tight enough in the bass (percussion). Thanks for the info, though.


The RM25si Mk2 is very easy to drive, not only is it more sensitive but it has a very well behaved impedance curve.

Different listening environments pose differing challenges to bass reproduction, if one finds the bass too "thin" in one extreme or not "tight enough" in the other extreme, try moving the speakers. The damping factor of the amplifier can play a role as well - some
tube amplifiers have a high output impedance and
may blur the bass on the speakers.
Whether or not this is attractive to a listener is a matter of personal taste.

thanks for listening.

Mr. Joseph,

I now feel that what I didn't like about the 25 may have been attributable to the amp (NAD370) that was driving it. In retrospect, I wish I had heard them with something better. I will say that there was something intoxicating about listening to the 25's (as I am new to the world of audio, I don't know exactly how to put this more clearly) that made them very enjoyable. I commend you on a great product, and wish you continued success.


Thanks for your post. The older NAD used to have a switch on the bakc to optimize the amplifier for a 4 ohms or 8 ohms - the distrotion is a bit lower in 8 ohm mode if memory serves, and the RM25si 's are 8 ohm speakers, so if you go back for another listen see if there's a swtich on the NAD 370. Also NAD preamps have a "bass eq" button that can fatten the bottom end of the speakers - it's intended for use with smaller speakers, but it could be accidentally

Anyhow, glad you enjoyed the RM25si's and good luck with whatever audio path you choose.