Joseph Audio RM 25si vs Sonus Faber Grand Piano

I have a room that is 20'9" x 12'4". The speakers will sit 6" on each side of a wide screen tv, and 24" from the back wall. The speakers will be 72" apart from each other. I have not been able to demo the two side by side, since they are at different stores. For components I am looking at Rotel vs. B&K. The speakers will be used for audio and HT. Has anyone auditioned them together, or have any opinions. Thanks for the help.
I prefer the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes over that particular Joeseph Audio speaker. But -- you should listen to both of them before you make your decision.
I own the Joseph's (Mk2 version) and am extremely happy with them. In my auditioning they beat out comparably priced Thiels (2.4), Audio Physic (Tempo), Revel (F30) and Totems (Forest) but I have not heard the SF's. Thus, I can't offer any comparison.

One thing to consider, however, is that the Joseph's aren't magnetically shielded (I don't think.) Not sure about the SF's.

Good luck.

I Own the Joseph Audio RM7 Monitors and Have Listened to the Grand Pianos at Tweeters (Probably SetUp Way Wrong)
These are 2 Completely Different Sounding Speakers... I Would Venture to Say at Opposites of the Listening Spectrum.
The Joseph Audios are So Detailed (Not Very Warm) But the Timbre is so realistic. Guess Thats why I've Heard Reviewers Say This Is a Reference Speaker, One If You Really Want to Know What the Music Is Supposed to Sound Like. Great for Tubes & Warmer Equipment Matches
The Grand Pianos when I heard them were Mellow and Fairly Lifeless Very Little resolution (Great for Bright detailed Equipment I Presume) I heard them with B&Kamp &Dennon-CD, Cables?BetterQuality?
By the Way The "Home"Pianos are the Fabers lowest end line ... even though you hear all the raves about Sonus Fabers these are speakers costing Many Times More Mula.
I heard the Joseph audio line with CJ tube gear and it sounded plenty warm. I heard the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes with a Plinius SA250 MkIV. IMO, these are both fine speakers, will both give you detail, etc. I would *not* say they are at *opposite* ends of the spectrum. For me, the Joseph's were a tad laid back and ultra smooth, while the Homes were a little more dynamic. But, you know what all of this proves? That
different ears hear these speakers differently -- and that's why you need to get out and listen to everything in that price range. Sonus Faber, Revel F-30, Monitor Audio GR 60, B & W...everything. Every set of speakers sound different. And, you might want to consider buying used so you get more for your money.
I just got the Grand PIanos today and have listened to it for more than 3 hours. I am using the CLasse CAP-100 to drive them.

However,I think a more powerful upfront amp would do more justice to these speakers since it's rather laidback in nature. It depends on your preference anyway and I find my 100W Classe integrated driving them reasonably well!
I own the Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers (older model) and they need power to make them sound great. I recently upgraded my 50wpc BOW Wazoo Integrated amp to the 200wpc McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp. The Grand Piano speakers sound much better with the increased power and the McIntosh equipment. I am enjoying them very much. cheers...