Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene Placement & Break-In?


I'm hoping to connect with anyone (who like myself), may have owned a pair of the original Joseph Audio Pulsars and who now owns a pair of the JA Pulsar 2 Graphenes. 

I have a small listening room that currently allows for the Pulsar 2s to be 2 feet from the back wall. This worked great with the originals, however, the Graphenes bass response is noticeably more present and now with about 25 hours of playing time in, I'm beginning to feel like the Graphenes need a bit more breathing room. While they sound great where they are with most material, they're sounding a little "boomy" on some of the more bass heavy recordings.

Unfortunately, my room doesn't allow for easy placement experimentation without moving a particularly large piece of furniture. Would appreciate hearing from Pulsar owners on what their placement experience has taught them also, can I expect the bass response to become even more prevalent as they continue to break in? 

Thanks to all,


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Try plugging the rear port. 
What do you consider a small room, you need to give more information when requesting help.
Are you on a suspended wood floor?  If so, maybe try some damping footers under your stands or some marble (or some other heavy stone) slabs.  Or maybe bass traps in the front corners of the room.  Best of luck. 
tecknik, My room is 12 x 11.5. I have the Pulsar Graphenes six feet apart and 33 inches from the back wall (measured from the port). My listening position is in the near field at approximately 6 I/2 ft. Compared to the original Pulsars, the Graphenes bass response is considerably more prominent and for my taste, may be a bit much for a room this size.        
I'm considering moving from the original Pulsars to the Pulsar 2s.  Was your upgrade a good one?

jay's Pulsar 2s are up for sale on Audiogon.  That should answer your question ;-)
At least for jay's space.   There's been all good notices about the Pulsars at shows, and an exhibitor using JA speakers said they seem to work in most rooms.


Yes, the Pulsar 2s represent a significant upgrade over the originals. My issue with the 2s is my 11.5 x 12 listening room, which the 2s are simply too much speaker for.

Understood they were an issue in your room, but otherwise can you tell me what difference you heard between the originals and the 2s?


The new version 2 is better across all parameters. A more
refined midrange, with beautiful, delicate, crystalline like high frequencies integrated perfectly with a deeper range into the lower registers. While the originals had these qualities as well, the Pulsar 2s have really enhanced these abilities in an immediately audible way. The best way I can sum up the differences is by saying the 2s posses a more refined, full-range, musical sound by achieving what seems to be very difficult, and that is the perfect combination of detail and a flesh and bones life-like musicality.         

Thanks very much jay!  There are very few who have owned both so yours is valuable insight.  Cheers.
Thanks jayh31.=,
As prof wrote, your insight is very helpful!