Joseph Audio Perspective2 vs Perspective

Anyone got a chance to compare the two? I've heard the Perspective2s which IMO are the best speakers I have heard. However, they are over my budget. Maybe I can get a used pair of the originals but don't know how much different they are.

I auditioned the Magico A3s (in a very nice set up) but preferred the Joseph Perspectives.   For me the Magicos were impressive for the price, but were another "really detailed high end speaker," where the Joseph speakers did all that but with a particular magical smoothness and lack of grain that was just more addictive to listen to.  And tonally the Josephs seemed more "right" to me with all sorts of instruments.

I can understand anyone liking the Magicos, though. 

I have to agree. When a speaker does everything the most neutral way like a machine, the soul of the music is lost for me. This character makes them sound too hifi which I personally don’t like, some people do.

I have Harbeth speakers for a reason. I have LS3/5As for a reason. The Perspective2s sounded with same midrange but closer to live music with much better bass.

One member on this forum owns Perspective2 and has either owned or extensively listened to Pearl. He prefers Perspective2 ;)

I've heard Pearl3 Graphene at RMAF with Doshi electronics and the Perspective2 at CAF with much more modest Unico integrated. I thought they sounded very similar, however Pearl3 was little bit smoother, organic and obviously moves more air.

The moment I heard Pearl3 at RMAF, I instantly decided that I'll start saving money to buy the Pearl3. But when I heard the Perspective2 few months later, it was so close that I just had to pull the trigger on Perspective 2 on the spot. However, one thing I know for sure is that you can't really judge a speaker without living with it for few months. So in reality, Pearl3 might be a lot better. Who knows!

I recall when me and my gf mesmerizingly listening to the Perspective 2 in CAF, she noticed Jeff Joseph in the corner of the room and whispered "He looks familiar. Is he the same person who made the Pearl 3 we liked so much in Denver?" I replied yes. She said - "The guy knows how to make really good sounding speaker". :)

@celo What a coincidence, before the Perspective 2, I was using Harbeth speakers. Loved it!

Interesting that some of us Joseph Audio fans are also fans of Harbeth.Both brands have a "rightness" and believability in timbre and tone, yet at the same time have quite different "sound" or presentations.

I'd like to own both, because I'm greedy.  But I already have enough speakers in my home.

I'd have upgraded my Perspectives to the graphene version already if it weren't for the pandemic taking my work away.   First world problem, though ;-)
@radiohead99 I think we have similar ears, that's why we tend to like those brands :)

@prof I cannot stand fatiguing speakers. That's why I picked Harbeth. Joseph has the same non-fatigue sound. However, the being there feeling with the Perspective2s was scary. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I had to visit his room again to make sure I was not fooled somehow:) I liked it even better the second time. Amazing speakers.