Joseph Audio Pearls?

I heard the Pearls (Version 3)
at the NY show and IMHO liked them
more overall than any of the others I heard.
A nice balance of resolution,
imaging, and listenability is my short take.
I'd call it a Goldlocks speaker, just fine in all areas.
Any comments from anyone?
The two times I heard them at shows they always sounded very good. Good speaker for sure, but also good set-up and ancillary equipment.
I went back to Joseph Audio's room at Axpona several times to listen to the Pearls. They were a very well balanced speaker but (naturally for a monitor) lacked gravitas in the lower registers. Supplemented with a good subwoofer, I could live with them if the room they were in wasn't too large. Their Perspective floor standing speakers would be my personal choice.

I believe that you are thinking of the Pulsar. The Pearl 3's are the big floorstanders from Joseph.

***Joseph dealer disclaimer***
I heard the Pulsars in the Channel D room but if there were any Pearls on display I didn't see or sadly, didn't hear them.
The Pearls have always shown well at shows, for the last 10-15 years. They should definitely be on anyone's short list (who can afford them).
"I believe the Pearls were in the VPI/VAS room in a 3 channel setup."
That is correct.
Goldprint, you are correct. I shouldn't respond to threads until my morning caffeine has kicked in!