Joseph Audio Advice

I loved the JA Pearl 2 at RMAF. But they are way out of my budget.
Has anyone auditioned the RM 25XL? Impressions?

I have fairly large room with 13ft ceilings. Blues, Rock and Jazz are favorites.
Long time owner of the Rm25 si Mk IIs (since 2002).
Have also heard the Rm 25 XLs many times at a friend's house.
If you like the Pearl's sound, you will get a big similarity with the 25s.
Joseph speakers definitely have a house sound.
I have heard the Pearls a number of times at audio shows.
They are spectacular.
So are the 25s; just a little less so.
Buy them.
You won't regret it.
They sound great almost everywhere with almost everything you connect them to.
What's your budget? I'm also a big fan of the RM25s so hard to see going wrong there. My only other thought was getting Pulsars (they occasionally show up used here) that use drivers more similar to those used in the Pearls, and they may have enough bass on their own to keep you satisfied for a while. Add a couple sealed subs (SVS, etc.) whenever you can and you've got yourself a set of mini Pearls -- kinda sorta. That's my plan anyway. Best of luck.