Jorma Unity cable?

Has anyone heard this new cable from Jorma? I have heard that Prime and Origo have a bit of magic. I saw a nice review in Stereotimes but what else is new.
So no one uses Jorma?
Yes, I do.
The Unity has some magic as well.
I have the Prime, but could easily live with Unity (very open sound, lots of timbres and grain free)
With Jorma I find hard to listen technically.
Thanks for the info. Just curious. Have you ever heard Nordost Valhalla and my guess is that the two cables are very different?
The Valhalla is a bit on the lean side and sounds artificial in mids and highs. I think in general Nordost is more for systems which need some compensation, but in the end it is not the right way. Try by yourself and you will hear it in a few seconds.
Mu6: you have actually compared Prime which is considered possibly the finest cable ever to the Unity? Where would you say the Unity falls shy of Prime? Just curious. Have you also compared Origo to the other two? Sorry to be a bother but obviously Jorma not known well in the US.
The Prime does everything better (more timbres, wider open, more relaxed). It is just what you get used to. It has the same feeling of changing your car (premium brand) with 2,5l (Unity) engine to a higher model with 4,5l (Prime) engine. Once you go back you notice the limitations of the 2,5l but after a while you get used to it again and everything is fine as well. The Origo has 3l.
Important is that they are all very well balanced.
Mu6. Have you tried the Jorma power cords?
Yes, they have the same characteristics as the signal cables. I do not understand how that is possible, because there is no music flowing through.
Jorma Unity cables are awesome in their price categoriy one will be surprised with the flow, naturalness, space and separation, rich timbres and agree with Mu6 that Unity is never technicall soundng.
Regarding price difference with Prime I think Unity is an excellent choice for most sytems and you will never regret.

Origo line for me is the best cable line around and put to shame most of their competitors. Unity is close.

In my system after a long time of experimentation I choosed al Origo (interconnects and power cords) with Prime speaker cables. My system is hybrid.

I suggest generally Unity in any solid state system and Origo in any tube system.
Mix and match with Jorma cables is working too.
Kops. How long to really break in Unity? Any thoughts on this?
Kops.. Why do you say you prefer Unity with solid state and Origo with tubes? Is Unity a warmer cable?
I would like to re activate this thread as there are little infos on Jorma cables.
I'm on the way for new speaker cables (Origo or Prime) if I endly choose Jorma.The goal is to choose a good brand that fit my listenning preferences and go further with interconnects and pc on long term partnership. So independantly of fashion I bet on sonic coherence in the goal in mind of not changing every 2 years or so for the new "best one". Tired of this tyrany. I want to adopt a responsible and assumed on making things my own way without fashion influences.
Any forumer with experience with Jorma ?
Thank you for sharing
Jorma cables sound basically neutral and natural, hence they partner well with a range of systems which are well sorted and don’t require ’tone controls’.

I previously owned a full loom of Jorma Origo cables before upgrading to Prime and Statement. Origo is very good; especially for the money. Origo has simplified shielding & there are no Bybee’s on board, but apart from that they are made the same as Prime. I would say Origo is more neutral than Prime, but utterly natural. Resolution is excellent. Like Prime, they sound ’delicate’ with percussion instruments and jazz vocals. Origo would be a good match with tube gear, whilst Unity or Prime would be a better match with ss.

Stepping up to Prime, Jorma use more comprehensive shielding & for the ic’s, they use Bybee Slipstream Golden Quantum Purifiers; whilst for the speaker cables they use the large Bybee Copper purifiers. I asked Jorma why he doesn’t use the Gold Quantum purifiers in this application & he said he preferred copper for the speaker cables.

Soundwise, Prime has more resolution (possibly due to the superior shielding), the sound stage opens up a bit more, they sound a bit more liquid/purer and also have a touch of warmth. They are harmonically rich & have good extension from the lowest registers to the top end. Bass is very good. Siltech Royal Sig series cables have more bass if you need that, but Prime gets the balance just right I think.

Origo xlr’s are amazing value & sound natural and great with a wide variety of music, but Prime is simply phenominal. They are amongst the best xlr’s in the world. Thier purity and expression, combined with their natural sound serve all genres of music well, particularly jazz, instruments (instrumental textures are wonderful), female voice & classical. Build quality with all Jorma cables is excellent & Jorma Kosky runs in all his cables on a cable cooker for several days before they ship out. My Statement sc’s were on the cooker for an entire week before they shipped!

The biggest jump in sound is going from Jorma Origo speakers cables to Prime. But the jump is still large going from Origo ic’s to Prime ic’s. I bypassed the Origo power cables because the Prime pc’s didn’t cost that much more in my neck of the woods. With that said, I own a Unity pc re-terminated with Oyaide P-001/C-001 connectors (same as Prime) and it sounds amazing for the money.

Wish I knew of a dealer/retailer where I could get a demo?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Happy New Year!

I have always wanted to audition Jorma cables/cords.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!