Jordan Jx92 full-range build help

Good afternoon fellow A’goners. I have no formal training in electrical components, speaker-building or the acoustic values necessary to competently build a speaker. Period. What I MAY have is a decent idea and some pretty decent parts.

My “brainstorm” is to build a pair of speakers ROUGHLY approaching Tom Evens remarkable Model One. I have a pair of NOS Jordan Jx92 full range drivers, and cabinets that I would fancy to use: a pair of Thiel CS2 and their associated 8” woofers. I would hope to ditch the Thiel tweets (Dynaudio d28s), mids and crossovers, and make the necessary electrical and cosmetic alterations. The cosmetics I can handle.

The Tom Evans Model Ones use the Jx92 full-range without a crossover. The driver is limited by cabinet volume/back pressure to 120 hZ on the bottom end. Evans uses only a single high-quality inductor to limit the woofer to 120 hZ, and the result (in a cabinet of apparently similar volume) is serendipitous.

How can a shade-tree knucklehead like me go about finding the proper volumes and values to mak my Frankenstein (if indeed it can be done)? Thank you!


Make your life a lot easier using a Walther or Fostex full range driver in a tried-and-true cabinet design. 

You have one way. I'm just not sure it's a good way. You need to find the specs on the driver or have them tested. THEN you know if the cabinets are big enough (you can always take up the volume). If they are not, you need to address that. 

BTW single driver speakers suck.. They are for hard headed people. :-) BUT have fun. I tried for the better part of 20 years trying to do it. I'm hard headed, or use to be. Takes to much time. Being hard headed that is. :-)