Jordan Jx92 full-range build: HELP!

Good afternoon fellow A’goners. I have no formal training in electrical components, speaker-building or the acoustic values necessary to competently build a speaker. Period. What I MAY have is a decent idea and some pretty decent parts.

My “brainstorm” is to build a pair of speakers ROUGHLY approaching Tom Evens remarkable Model One. I have a pair of NOS Jordan Jx92 full range drivers, and cabinets that I would fancy to use: a pair of Thiel CS2 and their associated 8” woofers. I would hope to ditch the Thiel tweets (Dynaudio d28s), mids and crossovers, and make the necessary electrical and cosmetic alterations. The cosmetics I can handle.

The Tom Evans Model Ones use the Jx92 full-range without a crossover. The driver is limited by cabinet volume/back pressure to 120 hZ on the bottom end. Evans uses only a single high-quality inductor to limit the woofer to 120 hZ, and the result (in a cabinet of apparently similar volume) is serendipitous.

How can a shade-tree knucklehead like me go about finding the proper volumes and values to mak my Frankenstein (if indeed it can be done)? Thank you!