Joni Mitchell:Remastered???

I just noticed a different release date on some Joni Mitchell CD's. I was interested in "Court and Spark" and "Miles Of Aisles". Columbia House shows a release date of 2000 for both while BMG shows the original date of 1974. Are the Columbia CD's remastered or just another pressing and re-release? (Her other CD's are are similarly dated by each company) What I really want to know is if there is a differnce in sound. All responses are greatly appreciated!


Both my copies of "Court and Spark" and "Miles of Aisles" are dated 1974. Court and Spark sounds good but Miles of Aisles sounds fabulous. Miles of Aisles is an HDCD disk. My CDP does cannot take advantage of HDCP. I believe that I remember seeing Court in Spark available in SACD.
A number of Joni Mitchell CDs have been "remastered" and issued in HDCD format. I, too, would like to know what others think about the sound of these reissues.
Picked up her "Hejira" on the way home yesterday. The HDCD reissue is tons better than the original CD release and, actually, about as good as the vinyl. May have to pick up a few more!