Jon Risch design cables

I've ordered a pair of "Jon Risch design cross-connected" speaker cables from alexcables. I've heard great things about the Risch design but not much about alexcables. Does anyone have any experience with these cables?
I recently got one of their power cords, just to see if this tweak would do anything. Got to say, I'm a believer. It seems to be reasonably well made, and I'm considering some bi-wire speaker cable from them as we speak.
I just got in a pair of Alex's TNT-1 speaker cables and they definitely are an upgrade from the Canare 4s11 cables I was using on my speakers in my bedroom system.These cables are a very good value. I have to admit that Mr. Risch has done his homework and should be getting some kind of commission check from all the DIY cable manufacturers who use his designs.