Jolida vs. Planet 2000 vs. Fidelity A3

I'm looking for a new CD player and among these three which do you folks think is the best contender for playing music from Rage against the Machine to Rachmaninov? Help me Obie won your our only hope!
The Fidelity is smooth, warm, and detailed. I haven't heard the Planet. It should be good. It's predecessor is a classic. My vote is for the Jolida.
Funny you sould pose this question. I recently bought a JD 100 and swapped out the tubes for Electro Harmonix, and damped the chassis. I needed a second player for my office, so I bought the Planet 2000. After an A/B the Jolida took the cake for a slightly more detailed, open sound. I sold the Rega the next day. The rega is a great player and actually has a very nice, thick chassis, except the front and rear covers are plastic...go figure..the top loader is slick, but the Jolida sounded better to my ears...I have never heard the Fidelity....
sure Jolida is your choice
I assume you are referring to the A3 CD player.I am a long time proponent of the company ,having owned 5 different MF products.I believe they offer a well built ,excellent line of amps and cd players.That said-I was underwhelmed by the A3 CD.It seemed to truncate the high frequencies in my experience.Not trying to start a debate-just an opinion.
Rega 2000 is to my ears not especially detailed or extended but does have a full midrange sound that is focused and has a certain rightness to the sound, the instruments seem to be highlighted in a very musical and tonally correct way.

I have not heard the other 2.