Jolida vs. Arcam

I have been looking for a reasonably priced CDP under $1000. I posted this question, but did not get much response. I've considered just about everything I've heard about from Rega, Rotel (1070 and 971AE), Arcam, Music Hall, CAL, Jolida, Cambridge Audio, etc. All praised procucts in this price range.

I seem to have narrowed my choices down to the Arcam CD 72T and the Jolida JD100. I have a tube pre and solid state amp. I like a just slightly warm presentation and a unit good for everything from alternative rock to acoustic, jazz and some classical. Smooth detail with a strong low end. I'm just a little worried about the jolida comboed with the tube pre being a touch muddy. I don't have the opportunity to really listen to these, so I'm relying on others thoughts.

Has anyone compared these two? I've only heard good things about both of them. Any thoughts appreciated.
I have.

If you like things a little bit more on the "objective", detached, sober side of things, go with the arcam. I would go with the arcam cd72t if you listen to mostly classical.
The Jolida with the right tubes do not sound muddy with my rogue integrated. Quite the opposite, very detailed. Especially the bass, quite tight as a matter of fact. The Jolida is alot of fun, and is very versatile in regards to a wide variety of music. The jolida is definitely warmer than the Arcam. The Arcam is more detailed, but in a clinical way, for my ears. Also mine is the modded version from parts connexion, which is supposed to be tighter in the bass. I'm very happy with mine.
I just bought new Jolida 100 CD. It is nowhere near to muddy sound while even not broken-in. Also will experiment with tubes. Svetlana is supposed to enhance everything even more. Do not worry of muddy sound. Jolida is nothing like that.
I've been wondering about the same question. I bought the Arcam Alpha 9 which has the new Ring-DAC architecture. The Arcam, used, was about $300 cheaper than the newer Jolida. The Alpha is extremely detailed, almost scary at times. It isn't at all harsh since Vibra-pods were added. I like it a lot but still I remember that Jolida demo. There was such depth of soundstage that I don't have. My soundstage is very good but not that deep.

Maybe I should buy the Jolida but for that money maybe I could take another step up to Cary or something. Maybe I should add power conditioning for the Alpha 9 first. I've read that the big improvements between the Alpha 9 and the FMJ23 were apparently vibration damping and power supply.

BTW, I also have a tube pre and SS amp. I like that combo. Especially with NOS tubes.

Really, you can't go wrong with either. Enjoy.
It sounds like you've narrowed your list but you might consider the Linn Genki used. I own it and am interesetd in the Jolida and may try it but the Genki has a very nice sound that sneaks up on you. It doesn't dazzle you at first listen if your doing the A/B comparison but over time it is very satisfying.