jolida volume control

just purchaed, at an estate sale, a Jolida SJ 101 integrated amp, an Adcom GFT 1A and a Velodyne subwoofer CT 100. Haven't yet tried the subwoofer, which I presume can go with the other components, but the Jolida and the Adcom work perfectly, except that the Jolida volume control seems to have no effect. Could it be faulty or am I doing something wrong. Rather new to this arena and contacted all 3 companies for manuals and advice to absolutely no avail. Any advice? thanks Alan
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So you are saying that when you fire up the amp the music is at max volume?
If so the only things I can think of are:
1. The previous owner converted the integrated to a power amplifier by disabling the volume. If so you'll need a volume control of some sort, or reconnect the volume. You can open the cover and look at the volume knob.
2. There are 2 sets of outputs on the back, variable through the volume control and fixed maybe for a tape loop or something.
Forget #2 above. I don't know what I was thinking.
thank you so much, the technology is definitely above me and I fear messing with it, so I will try to seek someone in the locale (right above NYC) who knows how to solder the thing. My question is, if one has an integrated amp, why convert "back" to simply a power amp, or am I missing the technology here? Thanks again
The Jolida is basically an amp with a volume control built in. Some people like to add an active preamp to the unit and bypass the volume control. I did this to my 502 and like it better. Opinions will vary.