Jolida tube DAC opinions?

Has anyone listened to a tube (or other)Jolida DAC? I have on one order, and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on them. What do you think of Joida versus other DACs you have listebed to? Thanks!
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Hi Warmglowingtubesart

I've had the Jolida Tube DAC and Tube DAC 2 for some time now. I'd say its performance was on par with the Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC or the Schiit BiFrost Uber when I had them. I can't find the notes I took when I did the comparisons but in my system I found all the DACs to be pleasant sounding with no edginess. I just kept the Jolida because of the flexibility it has. With the Jolida Tube DAC or DAC2 you can use pairs of 12AU7, 12AT7, 5751 and 12AX7 tubes in it with no problem. You can tube roll and customize the sound to your liking with whatever tubes you have.
I had a fusion dac pre with tj full music 12ax7. I used it as a preamp for a year and really enjoyed it. Replaced a exemplar audio dac and tube preamp and didn't feel I was missing much. I found the jolida to be a bit on the warm side, not necessarily a bad thing.
Thanks, guys! I hope that there are more responses...
Hi Warmglowingtubesart

I have to agree with Chrshanl37's assessment of the Jolida Tube DAC. It's sound is a bit on the warm side even when I rolled 12AX7 tubes in it.