Jolida, The Company - An Interesting Article

The recent (September 5) issue of Forbes magazine has an interesting article about the travails of Jolida in sourcing its manufacturing in China and how it tried to solve its problems.

The article is free at, but accessing it is a pain. The main deterrent is you have to register and give out your e-mail address. If that doesn't bother you, go to the bottom of a long home page to find the current issue, open it, go to the table of contents (this article isn't a feature) and scroll down to the heaing "Entrepreneurs." The article is captioned "China Syndrome." The writer's comments on the product and the audio market are no revelation, but it's always interesting to hear the general public's take on the audiophile corner of the universe.
Cool heads-up///thanks for the info!
If registration DOES bother you, just get a login from

Thank you!!! That works a charm...
Very insightful. I hadn't heard the whole story on Jolida. I think Mr. Allen should raise the price of his stuff a bit and pay his Chinese employees more. Also, it might be smart to bring a bi-lingual quality assurance person in to test every piece of gear leaving the factory and make frequent (more than twice a year) audits/reports to the U.S. office, apparently you can't keep too close an eye on those communists;o--just a thought.
Except you have to register with a username / password / etc. at bugmenot
Yes, Dougmc, thanks for pointing the direction to that article. I was about to throw away my issue of Forbes, and instead found an interesting and germain article!
The North American consumer is their own worst enemy.
In ten years when some of the more venerable North American high end manufacturers have ceased to exist remember who's to blame.

When is the American consumer going to wake up?
Uncle Sam is not going to protect us from ourselves.
Thank you for this thread, Dougmc.

The most thought provoking would be whether there actually is benefit to manufacturing in China.

I had no idea was in such financial straits in 2001. I do know their CD players prior to the current model were absolute junk. Never had an issue with their integrated amplifiers, though the stories abound. Interesting to see Underwoodwally quoted in the article, though I do not agree that if you close your eyes you can almooooooost not discern it from a Conrad Johnson...
Wally is a good guy...and a better salesman...

No disrespect intended.