Jolida reliability? Anyone with comments?

I am entertaining the thought of purchasing a Jolida 1501RC intergrated. Anyone with knowledge of Jolida's products please post. Thanks..
I owned a Jolida 1000 for a couple of years, and had no problems.
I own two Jolida int. amps. The 102b and the 301. Both have performed and sounded superb. I called Jolida a few times before purchase and everytime I called I spoke w/ a live person whom answered all my questions fully. I had a good feeling of dealing w/this company. I sensed that they took pride in their work and would stand by their products. Also, they are located not too far from where I live so in the event of service work...I've owned both these pieces for less than a year so I can't comment to their long-term reliability, but I feel confident they will provide many years of service.
Thank you both for your honest opinions..

I'm a JoLida dealer. To this date only one of my customers has had a problem - a bad solder joint on an input jack. JoLida quickly took care of the problem.

I've sold lots more expensive gear that had a much worse in-the-field track record. And, according to my local repair technician, JoLida gear is easy to work on should it ever need service.

Tunes4me, you might give JoLida a call and ask for the president, Mike Allen. A conversation with him will give you a pretty good feel for what the company's about. (301) 953-2014
I've had a 801 integrated amp for several years with absolutely no problems.
First, I can echo everything said thus far. Jolida is built rock solid. Over-engineered is the thought that comes to mind.

I was about to buy one of their hybrids (as the 1501 RC is) and had a long talk with Mike Allen. I am lucky enough to live about 5 minutes from Jolida's headquarters.

Mike told me that while you do get some of the smoothness of tubes with the hybrid (tube pre's and MOSFET outputs), it is just not quite the same as a full tube amp. I decided to go for the low-powered 102b (full tube - $580.00) amp. I am IN LOVE with it. I will NEVER go back.

If you are into rock, for instance, you might like the 1501 just fine. Lotsa power and punch. But if you are going for the pure, secuctive valve experience, give special consideration to the Jolida 302b (for just $200 more than the 1501rc) which will give you the power and full tube bliss.

Actually, for the same money, I would go for the 202a over the 1501rc. Don't be scared by the lower watts output. Tube watts really are different. If you have 88-90db speakers (moderate efficiency) you will be fine.

Basically, you are giving up better sound for remote control for the same money. How could you sleep at night? :)

At least audition the 202a (and the 302b) before purchasing the 1501rc. After hearing the "half-way there" tubiness of the 1501 vs the full deal, you just might kick yourself for not going all the way.

Big picture, tho, you can't go wrong with Jolida. I congratulate myself for going "out on a limb" (at that time) and making the jump to tubes every time I listen to it. I will never buy another solid state amp again. (all-tube amps) (hybrids)

Graham, too late, bought it, love it...put in some mullards, and I will gladly compare yours to mine....fine as frogs hair....
My two cent's worth... I have had a modified Jolida JD-1000a integrated for a month that I bought on Audiogon from "underwoodwally". I biased it when I got it and just recently replaced the stock Chinese EL 34's with some Siemens ones so I have been "under the hood" twice. It seems quite well built. As for the sound... well I am going to write a review, but wanted to wait until I had heard the Siemens tubes for a few days so I could give a reasonable opinion on tube rolling. But I will tell you this...I have never heard an amp that was better than this! I have heard some $5000 - $8000 stuff and some was certainly as good, but none better! There are several vendors on Audiogon selling modified Jolida amps and CD players. I think all are a great bargain! I had solid state amps for years, but will never go back after having a good tube amp. Happy listening.