Jolida owners, Need tube help

I have a Jolida fusion pre amp, and would like to upgrade the stock tubes
that came with the unit. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Gold Lion ECC81 from one of the online tube stores and Shuguang 12AX7LS from Grant Fidelity.
Wow, I would have thought there was more than one option. No Jolida
owners out there that have rolled tubes in their preamp?
Not sure which type of tubes you’re looking for the Jolida, but if the type is ECC81 aka 12at7 then look for vintage Sylvania Gold Brand with gold pins - this is amazing tube! I use them in my amp and those tubes replaced military Telefunken ECC801S. None of the modern tubes can compete with Telefunken ECC801S, but if you can’t find Telefunken (or it’s too expensive) try Sylvania Gold Brand and ignore modern crap. I also use Matsushita pinched tails tube of the same type. 
chakster, Is there a substancial difference between the gold pin model and the non gold pin model?
I owned a Jolida 502p amp and wound up preferring NOS Mullard 12AT7s (6201s…gold pin gems from Upscale), and a matched pair of new version Gold Lion 12AX7s…both great sounding tubes.
Check out Upscale Audio, or give Jesse a call at Brent Jesse Tubes - either of them will recommend the tubes you need.
The gold lion gold pins are great for sure. I also rely like the northern electric tube from the tube store. They are very neutral and clean sounding.

chakster, Is there a substancial difference between the gold pin model and the non gold pin model?

I only use gold pins model of the Sylvania Gold Brand, bought them NOS from ebay seller oldguyradiola, he's got a website with the same name. Great vintage tubes, great price!