JOLIDA owners: Anyone using any after market "Fuses" in any of their equipment?

Any of you Jolida owners using audiophile fuses for any of your gear; Glass DAC, JD9II or Fusion 801 in particular. If so, any comments? What fuses are you using?
Yes I am using Hifi tuning fuses, parts connecxion 
Has The older style  Hifi tunjng gold fuses $9.95 each 6.3amp slow blow,I bought 5.
Or you can use a 8 amp fast blow  which other say sounds a bit better.,200mm long the arrow when you put the fuse in the arrow on the 
Fuse faces to the Left when you put the fuse back in.I do have their best Supreme fuse in a 8 smp fast
If a tube blows it will take out the fuse. Give it a minimum of 50 hours to fully settle in.