JOLIDA owners

Just ordered a new Hana SH cartridge. Currently using a Jolida JD9 II phono
stage. Would like to know if there's anyone out there has this combination, and
what their using for settings. 
Can I change settings on the fly or must I shut the JD9 down before making changes?
I have no experience with your cartridge, however you can change the settings on the fly, just don't have the volume of the preamp or integrated amp turned up too much. I have done it many times.
dill, sounds like you own a JD9 II phono stage. If so, the Hana high output
cart specs;
Output Level @ 1kHz: 2.0mV
Output Balance @ 1kHz: Less Than 1.5dB
Trackability: 70 um/2 grams
Separation @ 1kHz: 28 dB
Impedance @ 1 kHz: 130 Ohms
Suggested Load: 47 K Omms

Michael at Jolida says; I would start with the gain on 2 and the capacitance on either 100 ohms or 300 ohms. The ohm options
are pretty obvious, how do you set the gain on 2?

I do own a JD9 II and I also recommend using old stock Telefunken 12AX7's. I know they are spendy, however my unit has not sounded better with any others.
"how do you set the gain on 2?"
I don't understand your question. Here is a chart that I used to set mine.

I don't know either dill. My Michael quote is verbatim. Hopefully an other
Jolida owner will respond with some answers.
dill, can you post your setting chart?
I'm not a member of audiokarma, so I can't open your link. Thanks
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Hi, dill,

That chart is one I made years back and is applicable to the earlier version of the JD9, vintage 2006. It appears that the latest version, the JD9 II, has a different configuration for gain so the chart no longer applies, at least for the gain settings.



PS: Here's the chart for the JD9 (2006), located at AudioAsylum:

Thanks for the update Tom. I'll have to check to see when mine was made.