Jolida or similar tube amp vs bel canto class d?

I'm contemplating my first move to a tube amp, so any input is appreciated.

I currently have the following:
def tech mythos st
bel canto s300
bel canto pre3

Should I expect a considerable upgrade moving away from the bel canto s300 to a Jolida (or similar) tube amp at around a $1-$2k price point?
Not sure about your def tech speakers but I am using the Bel Canto pre3 along with Bel Canto S500. Last summer I traded a pair of speakers for a Jolida tube amp, don't recall model, and put it in the system. The Jolida did not work to my liking at all. I mention your speakers because my Meadowlark Kestrels have a very ear friendly presentation. Where the Bel Canto equipment compliments the Kestrels, the tubes may have added unneeded warmth.
Speaking of warmth, I tried this experiment in August. My normal routine was to turn the amp on and leave the room for 30 minutes while the amp warmed up. When I entered the room I was struck by a 10 degrees rise in room temperature. Not for me thanks.
Well, after much deliberation I just put in an order for a paid of Prima Luna Prologue Six's--my first ever tube gear. I'll know in about a week, or so, whether taking the tube dive was the right choice for me....(fingers crossed). Thanks to those who responded!
Well crank the A/C up and enjoy.