Jolida or Shanling?

Hello audio pro world, currently I have a Shanling STP 80 35 watts, great sounding unit with upgraded tubes however my VR'2s speakers require a lil bit more power and since I have a fairly large listening room I was wondering about upgrading to Jolida 1501RC or ? any other recommendations. I am "New" to the tube world coming from solid state I dont even want to look back. Cant believe I have spent thousands on SS equipment but now I found my dream!

Was looking into the hybrid 1501RC since it offers the best of both worlds, also the 302b and the 502. I dont want to spend alot of $$ since I am just starting new. My current system consist of Shanling STP 80 and T-200 SACD player with the VR2 speakers and DH labs products.
Jolida is slow to me. I try Audio Space at
I love my Jolida 1501RC running my Dynaudio 70 floorstanding speakers. I don't listen at very high volume. I would describe the sound as full and rich. Not the ultimate in detail, but very easy to listen to for hours. Great price for a hybrid amp through Underwood Hi-Fi. Good luck!