jolida of china v. jolida of maryland?

who actually makes the stock jd100A cd players that all the audio magazines rave about? seems that china was the initial makers of these & that maryland was only there distributor!? a lawsuit apparently agrees. explains on their website where they sell these MD simply copied there design & even used inferior parts?
what i want to know is who made the stock units not modded units in the audiophile type reviews in magazines that were done?
normally, i buy american but i like to support honesty.
my cal audio cd player being down & having read the pro & user reviews, seen the front plate of the pro reviews, plus the info provided by & lack of it from, nor w/o the desire or ability to a/b several other players in this price category, i believe a new jd100 to be my best bang for the buck cd player. will likely tube roll to 5751's later. i ty all for your feedback & all the other jo threads i could on the jolida.

like the prior said… Lipstick doesn’t change anything and a tube roll will likely neither.

plus there are plenty of other “better” CDP’s in your price range, and even used are worth considering.


why the Jolida infatuation anyway ?

Lmao, replying to a 10 yr old thread talking about lipstick, classic. The original story is reminiscent of Audio Note UK stealing the name and design from the creators of Audio Note Japan, interesting.