Doeas anyone have an integrated from this direct from china importer?Curious as to thier build quality,reliability etc...
Have you checked the forums ?
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I need to read up on this as well.

The .com version spells their name as JoLida while the .net just has it Jolida. Really weird. When you look at their products it is all identical. I wonder what would one see and hear if you bought the same product from both Jolida's and did comparison.

I was curious about the Jolida JD3000B preamp but then saw the .com vs .net business and decided to stay away. The MSRP on it is $1000 but then some sellers here were selling them for $449 to $499. I was scratching my head as to the deep discount and it made me wonder about the quality. Although the positive posts I've seen praising JD9 phono preamp makes me think different sometimes.

Hopefully both Jolida camps can work things out.
Don't have an amp. but I've got their phono preamp, tube tuner and tube CD player. All three are very well made, and work great. Got mine from Vacuum Tube Valley in California.
Don't worry about buying a JD3000 preamp. It is a nice unit for the money and finding one on A-Gon for $500-$600 is a good deal. I would be sure to get one manufactured by Jolida in Maryland USA as they will not service or warranty units purchased from the "other".

The 3000 is a nice unit and takes very kindly to upgrades should the desire come about.

Unfortunately you will not be able to purchase from Vacuum Tube Valley as Charlie Kittleson passed away a couple years ago. May he rest in piece.