Jolida Mod vs VTL ST-85

I've got a case of the upgrades again.

I have a Jolida 302B with Svetlana and ElectroHarmonics tubes and Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers.

I want better imaging and soundstage.........

I could send the Jolia up to NY for about $650 for an upgrade OR I could sell the Jolia for about $650 and throw in about $1,000 for a used VTL-ST85.

I heard the ST-85 some time ago and really liked it.... but, at this point, it is pretty hard to know which option would be "better". I listen to mostly rock, funk, soul, and folk type music...

I would be grateful for any optinions on this issue that any of you would be willing to share........
Better imaging and soundstage is more often the result of very careful speaker placement, locating your listening position, minimizing first reflections off the floor, sidewalls, and if possible ceiling, and otherwise putting diffusion materiels elsewhere (to the extent possible and practicable. If you haven't maxed out this aspect of your speaker/room interface you might just be wasting money trying to get this from your electronics and speakers.
Zenguy, I'm in the same boat, as I have also been thinking about modding my 302b. However, my goals are more in terms of improving the bass performance and overall dynamic range - which are generally touted as the benefits of modding this amp. I have searched the archives, but haven't been able to find much info - which is surprising since a number of dealers offer mods to the 302b. In any event, I would also be interested in hearing from anyone that has modded this unit.
Agree with Newbee. Also try to address Power, Resonance Control, and Acoustics first. You've probably got lots of potential hidden in your present gear and room. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water! High-end is in the details. :-)