Jolida JD9A or Dynavector P75 phono stage?

Wonder if anyone has compared the two phono stages as listed? I am considering an upgrade to my old NAD receiver used as phono stage. I have a Rega P2 with R250 tone arm with Dynavector 10x5 cartridge (seems to synergize with P75). But I am also using a Jolida 1501 hybrid integrated amp. (seems to synergize with JD9A). thanks in advance.
I am using the Dynavector and find it very good, especially at its price. Sorry, haven't heard the other.
I'll take the Dynavector any day, richer, more pleasing presentation. The Jolida sounded rather dry and analytical in comparison. A modded Jolida could be another story.

Dynavector P75 is a bargain for the performance level and works great with low output MC and even better with Dynavector Carts with the Enhanced mode!
Have not heard the Jolida. But have owned the P75 and its worth the money and more.