Jolida JD9 settings for use with a Denon DL-160?

Greetings all,
I just picked up a nice deal on a used *original* (not the newer version) JD-9 phono preamp as an upgrade to my current TT/Cart setup - stock Technics SL-1200mkII and Denon DL-160 (HIGH output MC, 1.6mV)

My previous set up was using the built in phono pre input on my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp.

I checked the settings on the Jolida and the switches were set to 47kOhm (switch 4 on) and 47 pF (switch 5 on) with the gain at 55dB (ALL gain switches off).

I connected the HI outputs to the Tuner inputs (line level) on the A5 (I did not connect it back up to the phono inputs).

After letting the JD-9 warm up for 2 hrs, I put on my ultra quiet and nice sounding Friday Music release of Heart's Dreamboat Annie.

First impressions - wow - bright and brittle...lean sounding on the bottom end :-(

Turned everything off and reconnected the TT directly to the phono inputs.

Ah...back to the smoother, more liquid sound w/ better tonal balance and more oomph to the bottom end. :-)

So....any recommendations on how to set the JD-9?

I used the DL-160 with a gain of 38db on my VAC Standard LE MM phono input to good effect. I think the 55db may be to high. The A5 has a MM input, but I was not able to find the actual amplification factor. I would try to lower your gain (many opinions about the true output of the DL-160 being higher than the specified 1.6mv) to around 38 to 42 if possible. Also the tubes may need to be checked if this is a used unit.
I agree. 55db is way too high. The DL-160 should use around 40db-42db of gain. This will depend on the gain of the line stage also, but should be close to that range.

The 47pf capacitive loading you have set really shouldn't matter a lot. Moving coils are much less sensitive, (if at all) to this load. Moving magnets are the cartridges that use this setting. I would probably just set it to zero, if possible.

The 47kohm impedance loading is correct for this cartridge.
I tried the LO outputs with the gain switches set to minimum or about 35dB - wasn't an issue with my A5 int amp - plenty of power.

I also tried changing the capacitance loading to zero and the impedance to 1kOhm.

Still too brittle...sssssibilance as well.

Little/no difference between 1k and 47k impedance loading.

I bought it used, so I assume there are some hours on the tubes, but don't know how many. And I need to check to see what tubes are in the unit as this is an *original* JD9 - not the newer version.
Erik; based on what you've posted you are using the right settings, so it may be the tubes. I find that the JD9 will convey a different sound depending on the tubes. My favorite tubes of the three I've tried were Mullard style tubes from Groove Tubes. That was with a Goldring Eroica H and an Audio-Technica AT33PTG. The Eroica (2.5mv) sounded better with a 1K load, and the low output 33PTG with a 100 Ohm load.

The tubes that came with my JD9 (purchased new) were Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 EH (Russian made) and I thought they were overly bright. The Groove Tubes 12AX7 M tubes sounded much better balanced (tonally) and had a pleasant, smooth sound. The sizzle of cymbals was still there but without the harshness. At least that's what I hear from the "M" tubes I purchased about six years ago.


By the way, I'm running an A3.5 integrated and still think it's a great amp for the money.
i used 1k /w new version gold pin Tung Sol. i don't remember sibilance issues /w that.