Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp With Burson Audio V6 Op Amps

Has anyone tried this combination? I presently have Burr Brown OPA627ap’s in my JD9 but I’d like to try these Burson discrete units in it. I’m just not sure the Bursons will fit without touching the lid of the shielding box inside the case, they look kinda tall. Specs say they’re 1.14" in height but they look taller than that in the few photos I’ve dug up. I’m hoping someone has tried this combo and can tell me if they’ll fit and save me the trouble of taking my JD9 out of the rack and measuring the space in there. I’d also welcome any opinions on the sound of the Burson discrete V6 or V5 op amps. 
Regards, Sam
I did, two weeks ago, and haven't received an answer. There's not much going on with that thread nowadays. Most, if not all, of the folks that started it seem to have moved on to something else. I've read all 106 pages and there's only a mention of Burson op amps, no relevant info.
They also make some extension cables that would allow you to place the op-amps in the open space of the JD9.

I used them with some older Bursons (V3?) that are in my need-to-find-a-new-home stash.
I recently upgraded the opamp in my NAD PP2 with a Burson V6 Classic. The sound quality improvement is terrific. Bad news on the installation was due to the change in Burson’s casing, the footprint was too tight to fit where the 8 pin DIP was, so I made an extension socket with shielded RG-179 cable and laid the Burson V6 Classic on its side. The accessory extension socket from Burson uses unshielded wire, so it might pick up some noise from adjacent circuitry inside the phono stage. I’d definitely do it again, and in fact I’m about to order another V6 Classic for a second NAD phono stage, a PP2i. 
I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to do this or not. Six op amps and probably the extension connectors to go with them isn't exactly cheap. I can't find any info from anyone who's actually tried them in the JD9. I just wonder if they're a big enough improvement, or any improvement, vs the Burr Brown 627s that I already have and are worth the cost to try them. The lack of any info from anyone using them in the Jolida makes me hesitant. Tons of info out there on using Burr Browns and other chip op amps but virtually nothing from anyone using discretes?