Jolida JD9 phono preamp question

Hi, everyone.
I bought a used Jolida JD-9 and realized from reading some posts that I should have a blue light on the front that lights up when it is on. My light doesn't show, though I see where it would come from. Could anyone advise as to what I need to do to fix it? I would like to have all features work and to know when it is on so I don't leave it on. Plus, this might be an excuse to take a peak and see which tubes are in there. Anyway, if you know what I'll need to do to fix it, please post. And if it is a fuse or something, if you have any idea which one, please let me know the specifics. Thanks! Will be setting this up to work with my new shelter 501 II cart this weekend - should be fun!
I haven't cracked mine open to look at the lamp, but I suggest you do so - it's easy to do, check out your tubes. The lamp is an LED which should simply be a 2 wire connection. It could be a plug connector and since I've read a number of folks complaining about how bright it is maybe the prior owner simply unplugged it (or cut the wires). Either way, it should/may be simple to sort out and fix. If the LED is bad you'll have to find a replacement which could be had from many supply houses - and maybe even radio shack. If you're not comfortable with doing this work - send it in to a tech - shouldn't be expensive at all.
Thanks for the quick response. I will look forward to checking out the tubes and have some hope it will just be loose. Anyway, thanks a bunch!