Jolida JD502RC

Anyone could give some comment to this int. tube amp. Thank you
This amp is basically a 302B, using 6550 output tubes, rather than EL34. If your speakers are not sensitive enough to be driven by the 302B, you would need either this or the 801. I prefer the 302B by a wide margin, if you can get away with it. It has a wonderful sound. The need for greater power would lead me to the 801. In my opinion, both the 302B and the 801 are better choices than a 502. But, I would not shy away from a used 502, because you can then throw EL34 in it. You also could try the amp with KT88, for a sweeter sound, to me. I have also heard of people using KT90s in Jolidas, but have not heard one.
I had a 502 and a 302. There is no comparison. The 302 is a much better sounding product. The midrange of the 502 seems dark and murky in comparison to the midrange of the 302, which is sweet and musical. Lower power than the 502, but not by much. There was a real synergy between the 302 and JM Labs Daline 3.1 speakers.
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