Jolida JD302B - Speaker Choice

First post here, so hello! I've been scanning the archives on this and found some good info, but wanted to start some new discussion.

I am a budding audiophile, just building my first good system. These days I listen mainly to acoustic based singer songwriter rock (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, etc.) but have very diverse musical tastes from classic rock stuff (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Neil Young) to some modern british stuff (i.e. Coldplay). A little classical here and there, but likely more so with the new system.

I love the tube sound, likely because of my long admiration for tube guitar amps (I play) and have settled on the Jolida JD302B as my amp. I will most likely be purchasing the Jolida Tube Cd player as well.

I initially was considering B&W 602 S3's, but my reading suggests that they may not be effecient enough. Thus I have been looking into the Triangle Titus speakers. I will likely add a sub in the next several months to round out the bottom end.

What else should I look into? Is there a "minumim" level of effeciency that I should be looking into?

Thanks and pardon any nephyte mistakes I've made.
Matthew, I've had that combination, and I have to admit that I didn't really like the Tituses! I thought that their high end was too harsh, even with the Jolida, which tends to be pretty laid back (atleast with EL-34's). I don't know what to recommend instead, though I am curious about Silverlines (very efficient, said to image well). That's just one person's opinion though. Good luck on your speaker search.
I would highly suggest you find a nice older pair of Snell floorstanders and forget about spending any additional funds. These speakers are musical, easy to drive and forgiving. Tube watts are different than SS watts. You should have no problem driving most spks. w/this amp I would think unless your room is hugh or your listening preference is at rock concert levels.
Matthew- I've owned a Jolida 302B and loved it. It really got me hooked on tubes and I'll never go back. That was some time ago. First thing I'd do is swap out those Chinese tubes if you have not done that already. You don't even need to spend a bundle to get a much better sound IMO. EH, JJ Tesla, or Svetlana EL34's will all make a significant improvement over the Chinese. I like the Tesla's best, but any of the three will be big bang for the $. If the JD100 comes with Chinese tubes in it swap those out right away too. Peter could probably steer you right there as he owns a JD100. They're 12AX7's aren't they? If so, I love NOS Tungsram's! Peter's recommendation for Silverline monitors was spot-on. The SR-17's would be outstanding with that amp for the music you described in a moderate sized room. If they are too much $ look at the SR11's or 12's though I don't have any direct experience they have had many good words here and elsewhere and are much less expensive. I owned a pair of SR17's and they are outstanding speakers....they will completely disappear, and put out lows that a box that small has no right to. OK still looking for something less expensive? Vintage Klipsch Heresy's or Forte II's would also rock your world. A bit more punchy and bright compared to Silverlines more refined warm sound. Among the Klipsch's strengths are wonderful clarity and imaging, though not quite as transparent as the Silverlines. The Forte's will go a bit lower, the Heresy's are a bit smaller. Both are great speakers for the money. Some folks don't like the horn sound, but I do love them with tubes. Sounds like you are putting together a nice system. The JD100 is supposed to be very nice as well.

Have fun!

I agree, the Siverlines would be worth looking into. I would also consider looking at Coincindent and also the Soliloquy line. Either the 5.0 bookshelf speaker or the 5.3 floor standing speaker.
I'd like to keep it under $600.
Under $600 combined with tubes....biggest bang for those bucks would be a vintage set of Klipsch Heresy's or a pair of Forte II's, per my post above......IMO, of course.

You've got some great recommendations. If you're looking for $600 look at used goods and listen carefully to the posts here. As for my recommendations (I've got a 302B modded by Underwood HiFi) I would look at getting a bargain on the speaks and spend some money on tube rolling (assuming you don't want to send the amp out for modding right away). For me the biggest changes came when I rolled in a quad of Svetlana EL34s but then when I took out the 12AT7s and put in some NOS Mullard CV4024's and WOW how the soundstage opened up. Still looking for rolling in some different 12AX7s or equivalent. The Sylvanias I put it compressed the sound stage a bit and darkened things down in the amp. As for speaks: I currently driving B&W Matrix 805's without difficulty (not the most efficient speaker in the world) but I am replacing them with a pair of JMR Trentes. The smartest thing you can do is AUDITION speaks before your plunge. Even if it is off of a "similar" amp (meaning at least TUBE vs SS) listening is the only way to go. Likely you won't get an in-home demo of the speaks you want. But listen somewhere nonetheless.

Enjoy, the 302B is a relatively silent gem in the price range (IMHO).

For a tad more money you should also consider the Green Mountain Audio Europas. You can check out many of the positive reviews on this site.
I second the GMA Europa. I used these speakers with a Jolida 502a, and thought they went very well together. At anywhere near its price, the Europa is VERY difficult to beat.
Has anyone heard the 302B with Totem Arro's?
I have Pilotboy. In fact, I think that on one occasion, I believe it was perhaps the best combination for each of the components I have ever heard.

You want to talk about soundstaging??? Most audiophiles can't even dream about how good this combination was firing out of the room's corner. Overall, it was not the last word in refinement or bass, but I think I could live happily with the sound.
I have the 302b and the jd100 cd player. I use the Soliloquy 5.0 with the dedicated stands and am very happy with the sound. Contact Underwood HiFi - Walter offers some great deals on the Soliloquy speakers - as well as the Jolida products for that matter.
I use the Jolida 502B modded by Underwood and have a pair of Totem Signature 1s in a 12 X 12 room. The sound is what forced me to get rid of my Krells and WWPs in my large room and buy tubes all round - that's how good it is!
Maybe you can pick up a pair of Sig 1s for close to your price.
You have to listen to them! They are absolutely amazing little boxes - and I have had Proac 1s in this room - this is even better - bigger soundstage and great vocals.