Jolida jd1501p power amp

What are the opinions concerning this amp.Have read on a few threads here that some do not care for there products because of being Chinese affiliated. Thanks.
The MD Jolida company is seemingly well run, they have high standards and fair pricing, and supposedly treat their Chinese workers to a higher pay standard and better working conditions than many other Asian factories to insure consistent quality (you can look that up). My Jolida amp sounds great, and has worked perfectly for years. I also like my Neutrik plugs made in Liechtenstein, although I have no idea how they treat their workers.
The one I have sounded fair at best,needed repairs to tiny wire breaking off inputs and has developed a loud hum.
In short, a POS.
Isn't there 2 Jolida's? If so, which one are you talking about?
Jolida jd1501p
I had one of these as a low cost substitute while main amps were out for repair/upgrade. Mine had a loud hum too, which could only be tamed by running off two-prong "cheater" power plug versus standard with ground. It sounded decent enough with that in place; but I sold quicklegy at a loss as soon as regular amps returned. It was nearly brand new.

As an aside, I have a Chinese made Yaqin hybrid (tube pre) integrated in bedroom system ... been fairly pleased with performance and sound.
Does anybody talk about the "non MD" Jolida? All I've heard about that company is they have crappy service, and their lawsuit against Michael Allen (Jolida founder) is lame and very unlikely to succeed, at least based on what I understand about such things...
I can’t speak specifically to the amp in question, however I own a Jolida Fusion pre and am quite pleased with it. I have found the MD Jolida people to be easy to deal with.
John, not trying to throw you off by not answering your question, I normally don't chime in without answers, but to reinforce Strateahed, I also tried Yaqin a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised.
I hope that you find your Jolida answers.