Jolida JD102CRC

I'm seriously considering ordering a Jolida JD102CRC because I've really wanted to get into the world of tubes for a while. My real main hesitation is that I can't find much in the way of solid reviews or "reliable" information on Jolida. I see a lot of back and forth on whether it's just trash, or a solid entry level tube amp producer that happens to start their amps off with pretty low quality stock tubes... and all you need to do is upgrade those and you've got a really good amp for reasonable money.

Can someone shed some light on this particular model or recommend something else in THE SAME PRICE RANGE (~$875). No I can't jump to a PrimaLuna at 2 or 3 times the price.

My other consideration is a Peachtree Decco65 or Nova125, which would solve my need for a DAC at the same time... but I'm very hesitant to get something with a built in DAC. It just seems planned obseletion.

I'm looking to pull the trigger on something within the next week if possible.

Current System:

Vandersteen 1Cs
NAD 3140
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon w/ Ortofon 2M Red
you can always look for a dealer with a great return policy. some offer a trial period. many online dealers have a trial and return policy. much gear is over rated and people tend to promote products they themselves own. maybe prima luna or mystere tube amps are nice, but most reviews for those amps tend to focus on fit and finish. NAD has a great reputation, and I have found Marantz integrated amps to be clear, yet smooth. Jolida amps are a great value. And especially if you get the factory upgrade. Rogue is over rated I think. I know from listening that the Jolida Fusion 3502S amp sounds better. Sometimes we just get tired of what we have, and the sound grows dismal. If you want to change then do so. Sell the NAD. You can get a decent price for it. Check out Schiit brand.
This is an old thread, and now in hindsight-- the older Jolida models are selling for as much, or more than those sold for new. And there are very few older Jolida amps in the used market. Seems Jolida gear did better than people thought, and people were wrong about the amps. Many 15 year old amps are still being used everyday. Many people love the warm, laid back sound. I sold a lot of these amps, and  if these were junk there would be a lot of those in the used market selling for what a person could get. If you had bought the Jolida JD102BRC you would have  enjoyed the sound for years, and  today it would be worth what you paid or more. Hope you bought it because that would have been  the right thing- NAD for some reason is always over rated- by owners of it. 
I have a JD-1000 integrated amp, haven't used it in years.  Judging on the post above it may be a good time sell it.