Jolida JD100A, How to bring it to the next level

This is the story. I just bought a JD100A with some basic mods done to it. I want to bring it to the highest level. I know this sounds a bit quick (who knows I might like it after I actually hear it), but I would like to get the most out of this player. Should I have it sent out to hotrodaudiomod, Odyssey or others for the level 3 upgrade? What tubes do you find really shines on rock and jazz? Ok guys.... bring on the opinions!
In my experience:

Rock: Sylvania/RCA 5751 tubes
Jazz: Mullard (My preference)

Try out some nice power cords. That's when my Jolida really came to life. Check the archives for MANY options.

Enjoy. That's a very nice player.
I did a SEARCH on this player and found about 50 threads posted to date. I would think at least 1/3 of them have to do with upgrades, mods,etc... Did you look at the archives before you posted?

As an owner of this player for the last 6 months, there has been much talk in the forums. To Mod or not to mod? That is one of the questions for sure. Which Caps, Which Power cords, Which tubes,what about......well you get the idea.

I will say that Im in the camp of "minimilist mods possible" to this already sweet player. May I suggest the following:

Change the stock tubes to something like the Mullard 12AX7, RCA 5751 Black Plate, or my personal fav being the Yogoslav Ei Gray Plate ECC83/12AX7. Then stick a decent PC on the back and lastly....put it something like a nuance shelf to control resonance and Buddy...your done. My ears have heard 2 of the mods avail, and I feel they rob the player of its sweetness at the cost of some dynamics and a more linear SS sound.. This IMHO. Good luck!
Less is more with this player. I've heard two sets of mods and they are not worth it. If you want a solid state sound from your CDP go buy a solid state CDP.
How about teaming up a DAC like the Audio Mirror or Benchmark DAC?

I own a D1 and actually thought of doing that so I could have more options. I ended up going in another direction, but I'm so impressed with the Audio Mirror D1 DAC I snagged the one that hit Audiogon today.
Roll the tubes, thats the best mod

I would not recommend teaming up a tupe output CD player with a solid state output stage DAC that surpases the tube out stage of the Jolida. This would use the Jolida only as transport and for the money there are probably better transports out there (CEC etc.).

As much as I have read about the Jolida, I would probably stay with minimal mods as well, only NOS tubes and a PC as suggested should do. The upgrades will not give you a much higher resale value if you decide to upgrade in the near future. If you like the tube-like qualities of the Jolida, you could "upgrade" to "better" tube based players like the Audio Aero Prima.

Good luck,

OK: I've had the Jolida JD 100 for a year now (Level One Mod from Underwood Hi Fi). I've always questioned my decision to get a modded player. The Level One mod among other things was supposed to improve the low end performance of the player. For most of the year I've had it I was dissatisfied with the low end performance. I tube rolled from the original Svetlanas to Sovtecs to RCA NOS. The RCA's improved things, but the player just never produced enough low end to satisfy me. In fact, I purchased a Simaudio Nova to replace the Jolida and boxed it up. I had planned to sell it. But I missed that tube sound of the Jolida so I brought it back out. I originally used a Shunyata Diamaondback PC on it. This time I connected a Flavor 4 PC from Chris Venhaus and instead of Chimera Advantage II interconnects, this time I installed a pair of Vampirewire CCC II interconnects I had laying around. BAM! The Jolida now sounds better than it has for most of the year I've had it. It now has very solid bass, smooth open midrange and crystal clear highs. The Chimera IC can be a little lean so it probably helped to change to a more standard IC like the Vampirewire. But I feel the Flavor 4 PC made the largest improvement top to bottom. The moral of the story is, your choice of PC will probably make the biggest difference in the performance of the Jolida. Keep that tube sound; it's very good from Jolida. IMO, forget about a dac. The RCA NOS added to the bass, high end and transient snap. To mod or not to mod? My take is that with the right tubes and PC and some vibration deadening on the inside of the cover, that's all the modding you need for great performance. Today I consider the Jolida player to be one of the best under $3000. YMMV, but like many others here and at Audioasylum, I recommend you try the Flavor 4. It's reasonably priced as aftermarket PC's go and you can't beat the 60 day home trial.
Mods/accessories for my JD-100 are as follows:

1) JHS Gold Label Sylvania 5751WA triple mica black plates,

2) Chris VenHaus cryoed Flavor 1 PC,

3) Herbie's Hal-O 9 tube dampers and Grungebuster CD mat,

4) Unit rests on a 22 lb. granite slab supported by Vibrapods- also has 12 lb. marble piece on the top resting on coasters,

5) Tube pins et al treated with Walker SST.

CDP has no level 1, 2, 3, etc mods.