Jolida JD100A

Anyone familiar with this CDP? I'm thinking about buying one to keep my JD9A, which I love BTW, phono stage company.
Regards, Sam
Plenty of information about this player in the forums here. Have you looked? I've had a modified one for years and still think highly of it.
What Foster_9 said...
Like Foster said, lots of info. I'd guess there is as much info about this player on this forum and the internet in general as any player in is your friend, bro.
I owned one years ago, good player. Roll the tubes.
I've retired my modded version, and just had it out while working on my DAC, and was reminded of what a nice sounding player it is (though not exceptionally detailed).

But mine had serious issues: a ton of "scratchy" transport noise, and major pickiness about reading discs (rejecting at least 1 in 4, new discs included).

I sent it to Jolida in Maryland, and they couldn't find anything, suggesting that whatever was wrong got "jostled" back in order when I shipped it to them. Could be, but it must have gotten "jostled" back out when it got sent back to me.

Don't know current state of company, but reliability and service a red flag for me. On the other hand, if you bought from Underwood, I expect Walter would make things right.

The big time word writers dont approve of this player. But the survey says,,,, best for the buck. Replace rectifiers with fast switching, tubes with nos and couing caps with PIO; then sit back and enjoy.
I used the Agon archives to research this CDP. I auditioned the Cambridge 740c and the Jolida 100a. I chose the Jolida, not as detailed but very musical and great for classical and jazz. An excellent CDP for the money, but you should roll the tubes and replace the crappy power cord.