Jolida JD100 vs Simaudio Nova

Has anyone heard both of these players? I have the Jolida with Raytheon 5751s and have a chance to get a new Nova at a good price. I am considering the upgrade but would like to have some indication on how great the improvement might be.
The Jolida has a unique musical sound at that price point. Definately audition if possible
I would not spend the money. I purchased a JD100 and upgraded the tubes to NOS. The Jolida is the bargain of the century. Any (in any!) increase in sound quality would be so minimal that it's not money well spent. The tube sound is better than that of so many other CD players I have owned or auditioned, including players up to $8,000. But if you love your toys like I do, spend the money just to have a new toy, but musically it won't top the Jolida.