Jolida JD100 Tweaks & Tips

Whats are your favorite JD100 Tweaks and Tips ?

Do you keep your tube caps/covers on ?

Favorite NOS ?

Favorite new production Tube ?
Put it on 3 Audiopoints/cone toes. 2 in the back and the one up front.
-Use a $5200.power cord on this $1K Player!!like I do :) I know this seems rediculous..but the Electraglide UK2/Statement RR is awesome( and can be found for way less than that retail price stated)

-Tube caps on...not much difference to me, anyway.

-RCA 5751 3X mica BP as fav NOS

Haven't found a really good current prod tube..didnt like the EH in it...actually the best choice for current tube seems to be the stock Chinese Jolida supplied tubes. Big soundstage and very good bass..slightly wirey highs though. Thats my weigh in on the JD!
Ei matched triodes, that'll make it sing!
I dampened the inside with a material that I purchased at Really added some heft and sturdiness to the chassis.
Here is what we are trying:
-Harmonic Tech Pro11 Power cable
-4 #2Vibrapod/Vibrapod Cones
-Sandwhich baggie filled with play sand on top of unit over tansport.
-Soon: NOS Telefunken and Mullard ECC83

The Chinese 12AX7's aint bad really, but expecting more magic in the mids (acoustic Guitar, voice) from the NOS.

Would you take the stock feet underneath off to allow for more room to adjust cones/pods or leave them on?

My unit was used and seems to be gettting th eNo Disc error more than usual, does this sound like mine needs service ?

What is the acoutic treatment called ?
Dampen the chasis with Dynamat (car audio)

Tubes of your choice...I like EH gold pin 12AX7s

Either a Sistrum SP-1 or Aurios 1.2s underneath. Both work well, I slightly prefer the Aurios.

Better PC. I am using a Sonoran.

These tweaks will make the Jolida comparable with anything near it's price point.

regarding the no disk error....
I have found my Jolida is picky if the CD is not squeeky clean...
make sure it is level.....
when you hit the right tubes, the mids will be utterly delicious...
I agree with Susan. That "error" sometimes happen to me when the disc is dirty or when the player was not leveled correctly. I tried vibrapods, sand bag on the top, inflatable inner tube, etc. At present I am using Star Sound audio points and Virtual Dynamics Power 1.

One thing I did (since I am using the analog output on mine) is to put a 75 Ohm resistor to a male RCA plug and terminate the unused 75 Ohm output port. To my mind, the player seems a little bit quieter. I did this after reading that noise in un-terminated digital source can contaminate the PS,thus making the unit (not particularly CD player) noisy.

Also, it seems that shielded cables sounds better to me in this particular cd player. I am using TS Premium from Odyssey Audio. I would also recommend to clean the lens (using Cdrom or DVD lens cleaner disc) every few months or as necessary.
FWIW, my JD100 has never shown the "no disc" error in 4 months of ownership. I hope it stays that way!