jolida jd100 or music hall cd25 modified?

I'm considering both players above. The cd25 is modified by parts connexion (level has custom OPA-627's). The Jolida would be stock, at least for now, but may be upgraded at a later date.

I would like this cdp to grow with my system, as I plan on upgrading my Rega Mira int. amp and Epos ELS3 speakers in the not-so-distant future.

What are your thoughts on these two cdp's, or any others in this range?

Thanks for all your opinions and advice!
I am using a stock Music Hall CD 25 with EPOS ELS3 and a vintage Marantz 2240 receiver as a bedroom system. I was always pleased with the Music Hall/vintage receiver combination ... but I am now looking to swap out the Marantz ... as the EPOS are showing up the Marantz' shortcomings. The Music Hall is not fussy about what you pair it with ... interestingly enough, the EPOS are fussy ... so pick the amp with care. The Music Hall, in stock form, is a good player.
I dont know if there is a cd player that can touch,
the JD100 for the price, Honestly I have not heard
the cd25 modified, the best way try them both, I
heard the jolida 100,the musician are in the room.
If I did not need sacd, Ill buy it.
Thanks for your responses. Now there's a used Jupiter for around the same price (actually, a tad bit higher) on sale. What are your opinions?

I have a Rega Mira int. amp right now, but plan on upgrading it pretty soon.
I have a stock Jolida 100. The only modification, is the replacement of the tubes with 5751 black plates. There have been cdps costing sixteen times more in my system. None have replaced the Jolida (1k).

Nor have I been tempted away from my Pass X600 amps (16k).

Money is not the issue.
I have Compared the Jolida with Rega Planet 2000, and SimAudio Moon Nova. I have upgraded the tubes in the Jolida, and use a silver plated copper Power cord, as well as Silver plated Copper IC's I also damped the inner chassis, and put the player up on DH cones...(JD 100 upgrade kit is available)It sounded better than the Rega for sure, and there was no apparent difference in sound between the Moon($3K)and the JD 100..
I will keep the JD 100.
Thanks for your replies. I ended up going with the JD-100...only I have to wait a couple of weeks until after I get back from vacation for it to ship.
Break it in long and good, fit it with NOS black plate tripple mica tubes, and you'll never look back.
Where does one obtain the NOS black plate tubes??
I own a JD100 moded .Sounds Way better on cd then my sacd777es did also sounds better than the rega jupitor .Hope this helps JK