Jolida JD100 Modified or Music Hall Maverick

Wanted to see what others thought. I will be pairing this up with a Jolida 302b and Legacy Classics.
I never heard the Music Hall player. I can only comment on the Jolida. I have a modded one. It's solid all the way with very nice midrange and good bass. I have managed to keep this player for over a year and every time I buy a new player, (had the Simaudio Nova and now a Modwright Sony 999ES) I realize that the Jolida is still quite capable as a player. Sure, you can find players with better resolution, etc., but the Jolida is very good at involving you in the emotion that the music conveys. The Jolida gets criticized by some, but it stands up pretty well when I've introduced more expensive players into my system. I also just added an inexpensive yet great PC to the Jolida, the Supra LoRad, for only $80 and it has improved the sonics of the player to a higher level. There is synergy between the two in my system. That's my take on the Jolida. It may not be great but in it's price range it's good.
I have owned a Maverick since July 2004. It is very erratic. Loud sudden bursts of white noise. Audible electric hum with some discs. Now it refuses to play SACD. Looking at owner reviews and one classified ad on a-gon demonstrated others had the same problems.