Jolida JD100 better that the Rega Planet 2000?

Hello all,

I am just wondering if anyone has compared the Planet 2000 to the stock Jolida JD-100 (with or without upgraded tubes).

I've owned the Planet 2000 for several years. Had the Jolida in my work system over the last three months and have also done some separate listening comparisons with that unit, and two others friends own. I cannot say I've heard them both side by side though. Strictly from recollection, the Jolida is a superior player and is more musical and more engaging, both in stock form, and with a level 1 mod. The Planet was a very nice player, but in comparison is a bit cold and analytical (again, from memory). I would go with the Jolida given a choice between the two. I think it is a great player for the money.


I currently have a Planet 2000. I am wondering if the Jolida would be considered and upgrade over it? If so, in what areas? This will not be my last redbook player as eventually I would like to own a player in the $2500 area (used of course).

If you look at my system you will see I am also running some Magnepan MG12's & a My Blue Circle CS. The CS sounds very good driving them, however I think adding more power will make a big difference. Thus I am also currently thinking a BC22 or BC24 as an upgrade. Which in turn leaves me less money for spending on a CD player.

So with that in mind, would I be better off to stick with the Rega? Or sell it and spend the few hundred to move to the Jolida with some upgraded tubes?

We owned the Planet, and then the Planet 2000. When we bought a Jolida JD-100, we sold the Rega the next day. Definitely change the tubes in the Jolida, and upgrade the PC if money permits. In terms of engagement and performance, I believe the Jolida to offer considerably more than the Rega.

In my experience, the Mullard tubes in the Jolida have a liquid sound, almost milky. Great for jazz, vocals, etc. If you listen to a lot of rock, or like a more focused and detailed sound, I found the GE and RCA 5751's to lean more in that direction.
Best of luck, Nick.
Nick, Maggies are definitely power hungry. I would recommend upgrading your amp to give them more juice which should give you more dynamics. I've upgraded to a Belles Hot Rod and haven't regretted it yet. For the money used, I can't complain. It gave me more dynamics, transparency, and details. I would think with the Planet and your BC int, it would be a good match from what I remember how the Planet sounds. Never heard the BC, but from what I've read it sounds like tubes which David Belles recommends with the Hot Rod.

If you are looking something more "tube" and analog sounding, I would also recommend a Bel Canto DAC2. I've just installed it in my system and just love it. I definitely think it's a step above the Planet. Sorry I can't contribute to the Jolida. I've always wanted to hear it and I've heard good things about it.
Thanks Rbautista,

I really like Blue Circle gear. It sounds great for the price and the company has excellent customer service. Plus I am located in Canada as they are so I can get a bit better deal (not an extra middle man).

If you are ever looking I highly recommend them. I like my CS better than my old Bryston 3B/Linn preamp combo.

So I am going to stick with the BC line up and move to one of the power amps and use my integrated as a preamp. Then once money permits I will sell my Integrated for a better BC preamp.

I am currently thinking I am going to try the Jolida? But that could change. I if I can afford too (after buying a BC power amp) I think I will go strait to an Audio Aero Prima. We will see just how much money I have left over.

Happy listening,
I've owned 2 JD-100s, 2 Planet 2000s and a Rega Jupiter. I like the Jupiter best. The Jupiter, especially preowned, is an absolute audio bargain IMO
My local dealer wanted to sell me a Planet 2000 so I heard it in a few systems (not mine though). I ended up buying a JD100 and love it. Change the tubes to NOS Sylvania, GE, or RCA. I compared it head-to-head in same system with Granite 650, Thule 150b and Music Hall CD25. The Jolida was a clear winner for me. Good luck! Arthur

Rega Planet 2000 and Jupiter are good players .. as everyone else stated it may be because of the tubes Jolida is more musical .. I bought JD-100 Mod 1, after comparing it with Rega (both), NAD silver series, Arcam FMJ 23. I am happy with Jolida JD 100, but in my case it was good upgrade from Modified Samsung DVD player, I am not sure that is the case with you if you want to move up from Rega Planet 2000, given the choice I will wait till I can afford Audio Aero Prima.


because i so enjoy being the voice of dissent. . .

i didn't care for the jolida when i heard it side-by-side with the original planet.

i thought it was a bit loose and tubby. i've only heard it the one time, though, so i'm not qualified to have a strong opinion on it. i ended up going with the planet at that time.

but, seeing as i prefered the original planet to it, and the planet 2000 to the original, that would mean i considerably prefer the planet 2k over the jolida.

oh, and the jupiter's even better.
Interesteting comments Lazarus28

Do you think it was possible that the tubes needed replacing in the unit your heard? Or was the set up funny? Bad interconnects maybe?

I always find it is easier to hear differences in cheaper equipment once you are used to something higher end. Based on the fact your referejce player is an Emm Labs I trust your opinion and ears.

It just seems to go against everything else I have heard.

I'm not convinced that these highly modded low end units are all they're cracked up to be. I had an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb with all the extras and was crushed to hear how anemic it was next to the Rega Planet 2000. The Ah! was summarily booted out of the system.
The cd player thing is a merry-go-round. You can become discontent just by reading too many of the "wow" posts about players.
The more I'm in this the more I realize that everything high end audio is not just "system specific" but component specific. Too many variables for simple across the board comparisons. So, yes, the Jolida or the Rega might be "better" to you. Only way to ever know is to buy them both and test it at home. Sell the loser.
The Jolida is more musical without a doubt.

So I am getting ready to sell my Rega and buy a Jolida.
If given the choice would you move to a JD-100 from a planet 2000 or keep the Rega?

I am entirely going on faith here, as I have never heard the Jolida.
I was looking for tubes for it to start with. People keep saying that the GE 5751 is good. On they sell the GE 5751 NOS for about $18 each. Is this the right tube (never owned tube so I just thought I would ask)? And do the tubes have to be matched.

Here are a few questions I also have

When do tubes have to be replaced? After so many hours or once they stop working? How will I know when tubes need replacing? How long will most tubes last for if left on 24/7 in the Jolida.

Is their any risk of a tube blowing an talking my amps and speakers with it?

Once I get the Jolida I am probably going to want to try other tubes. Is there somewhere I can go to read what all the different tubes sound like?

Also, if there is anything else about tubes I should know please feel free to inform me. I really am clueless about tubes, as currently I am all solid state.

Here is some recent discussion on tubes for that player:

The 12AX7 is said to last around 10,000 hours in that player. When a tube goes bad, you will likely hear nothing more than diminished sound quality.

You can check out Joe's Tube Lore on Audio Asylum, under FAQ (I believe) to get an idea of the different sonic characteristics of the various 12AX7/5751/etc. type tubes.
If you listen mainly to jazz/vocals/instrumental, I might suggest that you try the Mullard CV4004 or 12AX7 variety. They are quite liquid sounding, milky even. You give up a little when it comes to rock, but not much. If you like a more focused, detailed sound, I would suggest trying out the GE/RCA/Sylvania 5751 tubes. Telefunken 12AX7's also have similar qualities--to MY ear, anyways. In the Jolida, I preferred the Mullards, as I found the music to be most engaging with them. Also, it's important to buy from a reputable source (check the archives). Otherwise, you can end up with bad tubes and/or paying far too much.

Finally, why not hang on to the Rega until you know that you definitely want to keep the Jolida? When we bought our JD-100, we sold our Planet 2000 the next day. However, you may not end up doing the same. Just a thought.
Thanks Boa2, you have been a lot of help.

I am not really sure what I want for tubes. I can tell you my musical preferences and maybe you can help. First off, I listen to all types of music from Classical to Metal.
I spend most of my time listening to light rock.

I guess I am wanting a a neutral tube.
Something that is open and natural, has some warmth, full body sound, with good extension on both ends.

I don't like it when the sound is thin, dry, or sounds really congested with no soundstage. I also don't like rolled of highs or lack of bass (I am not a bass freak, but I do like there to be enough to do justice to the music). I also don't like dark sounding equipment either, nor do I like anything bright.

When I listen to music i like to be able to connect with the artist. I am not a detail freak, I like to be able to hear the subtle nuances in the music, but I still like the slam of an orchestra.

I guess what I want is something that does everything well. With a minor preference on openness and naturalness (with a little warmth.)

Does that help at all? Probably not but hey, I tried.
I have heard good things about new EH tubes?
What do you think about them.

Many thanks, as I really am clueless when it comes to tubes.

P.S. The reason I am not keep the rega is: I can't afford to buy the Jolida and keep the rega. The Rega must go to help pay for the Jolida. So unless someone on here wants to lend me a grand for a few weeks I am out of luck. Thus my one million question, as I just want to be sure.
Based upon your sonic requirements--and genre preferences--I would suggest trying either the Sylvania 5751 or Telefunken 12AX7. Others can chime in with suggestions, but I think either of these will answer to your stated needs. E-mail me privately, and I can send you some Telefunken's to try out.

Haven't heard the new EH's. I've never heard an EH tube that I liked, though I certainly could be surprised sometime by one that works for me. Every one that I've heard thus far sounds ashy and thin to my ear.
Enjoy the Jolida. It's an excellent player.
while i'm not a fan of the jolida, i think the best advice that any of us can give you is to decide for yourself. remember, you're the one who'll be listening to it. whether you have a radio-shack deck from '81 or the super-expensive burmeister stuff: as long as *you* like it, who cares?

audiogon is great for that. you can buy something to try it out and if you don't like it, you can sell it for what you paid for it. (minus shipping, of course)

i wouldn't lose the rega just yet until you've spent some time with both. not to say you won't maybe prefer the jolida, but just to be sure that you end up doing what's best for you without second-guessing yourself next month.

FWIW, the rega jupiter is one of the few players i've owned that i miss. she and i had some wonderful times together.

ahh, nostalgia. :^)

remember, enjoy the music!
Nick, I thought I'll chime in as well: If you can keep the Planet around for a while. I started wanting to replace my Rega Planet (original) two years ago. First I "upgraded" to a Linn Genki. After quite a while I decided the Linn sound is not for me, to grey and less involving than the Planet; thankfully we had kept the Planet around in a second system, since my wife loves it so much. Next came a Unison Unico CD for 3 months and went as well. Well, I do the love the Planet sound.

After reading Howards great recommendations on the Prima and talking to him some more, I finally went with the AA Prima. So far it's been three months with the Prima . The Prima was a step up from the Planet in every way: Detail, bass, top end, soundstage, etc. Out of all the CDPs, the Planet and the Prima are the only ones that keep me sitting in front of the stereo for hours without switching instantly to vinyl.

I would love to hear the Jolida and reading all the great comments, it seems to be a great unit as well. Try both for a while, keep tube rolling, and see for yourself.

By the way: Where in Canada are you? I'll be moving to Calgary in a 6 weeks. If you are close, you are welcome to drop by and give the Prima a listen.

Good luck,

Hello Rene,

Thanks for the offer. I live about 3.5 hours from Calgary. I just might take you up on it once you get settled in.

On a seperate note, I actually bought a used Wadia DAC for a good price. I have always loved the wadia sound and when I saw there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it. I also got it for a good enough price that I can keep the Planet 2000 as well and use it as a transport until I find something better.

Well, sounds like we can have a shoot-out between the Planet-Wadia and the Audio Aero once I moved to Calgary. Never really had a chance to listen to Wadia and I'll be happy to meet new people up there. My wife has been living in Calgary already for a while, and I constantly go there and visit. Also, I will have plenty of time since I will be taking of the first two months when getting there. Feel free to drop me an email anytime. Once I am moved and all set up I'll let you know as well

Where are you located, in Edmonton?

Best wishes,

Rene, I sent you an email with my info.