jolida jd100 and rca command tubes

I recently replaced the stock chinese tubes in the jolida with the rca command 5751. I was expecting to hear significant improvement in sound but did not. Has anybody used these nos tubes in this cdp and how did these tubes sound?
Try the Brimar 12AX7 BVA logo, I really love them in the Jolida jd 100
yep tried them. better than the chinese or russian stock, better focus, more articulate, and balanced but ultimately undynamic and boring. keep in mind a 5751 lowers the gain slightly and will in general cause some of the "bloat" to shrink. slight musicality taken away for better focus.

there are very dynamic 5751's, like the triple mica sylvania's, which i've tried and sound wonderful, but these will cost an arm and leg.

however, my fav in the jolida is the mazda chrome plate 12ax7. has great focus and musicality altogether, very dynamic too with good frequency extension on both ends.
I have given the rca command some 50 hrs or so burn in time and have noticed improved sound in both depth and details. Despite this I succumb to the urge of trying other tubes, not nos this time and see how they compare. I have just placed an order for eh gold pin 12ax7eh. I have heard good stuff regarding these in this player. Has anybody else compared these 2 tubes(rca command 5751 vs. eh gold pins 12ax7)?
I finally got the eh 12ax7eh gold pins and allowed at least 50 hrs burn in time to judge them. I thought they definitely sounded better than the stock chinese tubes the jolida came with but not superior to the rca 5751 command in terms of smoothness and depth. The rca's are still to my taste getting better and better each time I listen to them, so they are the keepers for now.
Sometime back I compared RCA blackplate 5751s, the EH 12ax7s, and EH goldpin 5751s. I preferred the EH goldpin 5751s to everything (there were many others) except Telefunken 12ax7 smoothplates. For less than 40 bucks I strongly recommend trying EH 5751s. But.... the keyword is "trying." What worked for me and my system may not for you!