Jolida JD-9A or Pro-ject Tube Box SE phono preamp?

I have a Jolida JD-9 but have been told by a popular on-line retailer that the Pro-ject Tube Box SE provides cleaner response and is a lot more transparent than the Jolida. Both units use two 12AX7 tubes and cost about the same. Curious if anyone has listened to either of these units and what your thoughts are. Thanks, Bob
I own a Tube box and can tell you it does sound quite good. The midrange is very nice but there is a bit of background noise. Never heard the Jolida. I did have a Gram Slee gram amp 2se which I found to be thin compared to the Pro-ject, but it was quiet.
Best Regards, Anthony
Anthony - thanks very much for your thoughts on the Project Tube Box. Bob
The Project Tube Box SE is a very good and versatile phono stage, performs way above its price-point or, indeed, design, and isn't necessarily noisy: there is a fellow in town here who has the two required tubes carefully matched, which reduces noise to the point where it is essentially inaudible (maybe if you turned the sound right up you could hear it, I haven't in normal listening). I would recommend this be done to anyone who owns one, or indeed any tubed phono unit.
Johnnantais - thanks very much for your comments. Bob
I feel the same as the two posters above. Upgrading the stock tubes to some GT 12AX7-M's produced a much more coherent sound and quieter background in my tube box.
I just picked up a Pro-ject Tube Box and am looking forward to comparing it with the Jolida.
Bob, did you get a chance to compare the two?

I'm considering the Jolida JD 9A (possibly with the Parts Conexion Level 1 mods) and am curious about your impressions with both units.
I had the sotck Jolida 9A and for the money you pay for the mods plus this phono stage, the EAR 834P is a much better choice. I now have two of them, one each in a SS and tube system.
I have been listening to both the Project Tube Box and the Jolida for the last several days and would say that the Tube Box seems to be a little cleaner, more transparent and less bright than the Jolida. The only thing I don't like about the Tube Box is the fact that the faceplate must be removed to be able to change tubes; a bit of an inconvenience.