Jolida JD 100A vs. Cambridge Audio Azur 650

Has anyone had any experience with either of these, or better the opportunity to compare the two CD players? It seems there are some Jolida supporters in these forums, but I'd really like to know how the two compare. My integrated is a NAD C375BEE and I find myself listening more to vinyl (I have a rega p3) than CDs, which leads me to believe that the Jolida's tubes may gave me the warmer sound I prefer. I have read good things about the Azur - and recognize that the technology is newer than the Jolida - but am not sure if that is enough to give it an edge. I also have tons of CD-Rs and have not been able to discern whether the Azur can play them, which could be a major sticking point. Anyone have any thoughts?
You should probably decide if it is a tube unit you want.

Both players are considered to be very good.

I have the Cambridge 650 and yes, it plays CD-Rs.
I've never owned any tube equipment, so it's hard to say. I'm sure I won't be able to audition the two side-by-side. I like the warmth of tube equipment, but also consider that the newer technology used in the Cambridge could be a plus. The reviews I read don't seem to be highlighting any concerns related to the Jolida using tubes; quite the opposite.
Both nice players, but different. The Cambridge is more detailed, more analytical sounding, the Jolida warmer and "thicker" through the mids. If you go with the Jolida, know that it responds well to NOS tubes.
It seems that the Jolida might benefit/require more tweaks - replacement tubes, isolation feet, etc. Does this seem accurate? My room is large, open, and all hardwoods, so I'm thinking the less-analytical Jolida might be preferable. I listen to mostly rock and vocalists, little classical, if that makes any difference.
I don't fuss much with tweaks like isolation feet, but every tube audio device I've ever owned has benefited from NOS signal tubes. That benefit was very apparent to me with the Jolida -- one of those "hokey smokes!" moments. So I basically consider them required now, but that's me. It's still a fine player with modern tubes, just that much better with old tubes.

Is it the last word in refinement? Nope, it lacks detail compared to better players, but I find it nicely musical. For rock and vocals, I'd think it might be a good fit for you, but we all have our preferences, so please take my comments with a grain of salt!

Good luck.
I ended up going with a Jolida JD100S; it has 4 tubes rather than the 2 in the JD100A. (It has two 12AX7A vacuum tubes as in the JD100A + two 12AU7 tubes). I am quite impressed with it even with the factory tubes; it fits in nicely with my other components and is well suited to my listening room. Do you have any specific recommendations for NOS tubes?
I'm glad that you're happy with your choice. So far as favorites, so far as 12AX7s I'm partial to Amperex Orange Globes and RCA triple-mica black plates, but there is a whole world to explore.

You might get started by searching for "Joe's Tube Lore" in google and go from there.