Jolida JD 100a - help w/Buzz when using headphones

I recently purchased the Jolida JD 100a and discovered that the CD transport mechanism, particularly when it spins the CD, is audible as a "buzz" in my headphones (Sennheiser 580s). It is also audible from the player itself. Is this normal? Or is this a defective player and/or correctable with lubricating the mechanism? Help.

Although I don't use headphones (yet), I don't hear any buzz in the transport of my Jolida. I can say, I have always heard a slight sound of the spinning disc itself, which I wouldn't describe as a "buzz". This sound can only be heard between tracks and it is very slight. Others will chime in here I'm sure with headphone experience on the Jolida to give their advice. I would imagine, a buzz of anykind is not normal. If you bought this new, perhaps you could contact the dealer regarding this. If not, contact the seller to ask them. Good luck with this.
Thanks for the input. I guess the sound of the CD spinning comes across as a "buzz" in the headphones (perhaps buzz is not the best word to describe it). I also hear the CD spinning inside the player but, the noise is continuous whilst the disk is spinning and only stops when I hit the "stop button and the disk stops spinning. It isn't really that loud but I can hear it from across the room, that gentle whirring noise inside the player. I never had this with my old Yamaha player and didn't expect it with a reference player like the Jolida. I did get it used and have contacted the seller. I expect I will get better info on the problem from Audiogon.

I never used headphones with JD-100 but I never heard any sound from my JD-100 through speakers, which I am using for last 6 months.


Just a correction

Never heard any BUZZ sound : )

Try posting this question at , it's a site for those who are really into headphones. I'm sure that someone there might have an answer, or some other input, for you.
I listen to my Grado 60's directly through modded Jolida 100. Get serious pops when I plug phones into Jolida already on but no buzzing ever whether through phones or speakers. Sound from this combo is pretty interesting - the ultimate laid back - at times slow sounding - warm tube sound that is totally different from how the player sounds through Musical Fidelity 3.2 amp and Paradigm speakers. I stayed away from Senn's because I heard feedback on head-fi that they might be hard for the Jolida to drive by itself. No ideas re buzzing though.
Ladavid-your impressions are in line with my experience. The Jolida can't really drive the Senns and the sound is confined quite a bit. What mods does your Jolida have? I saw one mod that involved chassis damping with material containing an outer layer of copper. Perhaps that stops the transfer of disk related noise and interference from reaching the tube headphone output.
I have the Underwood Level I mod - coating is Sound Coat - don't think copper is involved. You check mods out at Underwood site. Wish I could help you out with your buzz. Mike Allen at Jolida was pretty repsonsive when I had a problem with my Jolida.
I sent Mike an e-mail but have not had a response yet. I have sent him e-mails in the past with good responses and information. I will likely call him when I get a chance in the near future. I certainly appreciate all the sincere concern for my issue!
The chassis damping material with the copper shielding is available from VeraStarr. I have the treatment inside my JD100 and think it makes for a nice, if subtle, improvement in the sound. I don't know how it would work for your buzz problem.
Thanks Mtbrider. That's the material I was referring to in my prior post. Did you do any other mods that made a difference? I think Verastarr has a mod package and, if the damping can possible help the buzz, perhaps that is a better alternative to servicing at Jolida.
No other mods, just some tube rolling. If you contact Verastarr, you want to order the deluxe damping treatment that they use in their mod package. It's $10 more than the standard package..around $40, as I recall. Mike should be able to tell you if it might help your buzz, but I think the treatment is worth doing anyway.
Tubes that "aint quite right" can cause a buzz, but sounds like you have already rolled 'em so guess thats not it.
Dear Rysa - I have just purchased the CD player and the tubes had been rolled by the previous owner. Thanks for the tip. I will put checking the tubes on my list of possible solutions.