Jolida JD-100A cd player--Impressions?

Not exclusively, but mainly regarding tonal balance and reproduction of classical music. Also, is anyone familiar with those who sell this unit who allow home audition and/or right of return if not satisfied? Thanks in advance.
I had one for awhile, it was a good player with a warm analog balance. I eventually gravitated to other players that had a bit more dynamic oomph, like the Cambridge 840C.
I owned one and after upgrading tubes to Mullard's and/or GE's the sonic improvement was great. I feel the unit is a great deal for the price. Make sure you upgrade power cable and interconnects too.
I don't mind a warm analog balance, and giving up a bit of "dynamic oomph". Have also done a fair amount of experimentation with pcs and ics. Kind thanks, fellows. Anyone aware of dealers who are amenable to in home auditions?
I owned one for a while and was unimpressed. It was ok, just average, I don't understand anyone raving about it.