Jolida JD-100 vs. Ayre CX-7E

I need a new CD player and it came down to these 2. I can get an used Ayre CX-7E for $2000 or a brand new Jolida JD-100 for $800. I was wondering if Ayre is worth extra $1200. Unfortunately, I can't audition any of these 2 players where I live. I know there are lots of smart guys here who can help me out.

I listen to classical and jazz. Please let me know what you think. I was able to audition Cambridge Audio 840C with my system but it didn't sound much better to me than my old Rotel CD player which is about to die.

My system:
B&W 805S speakers
Rotel RMB 1095 amp
Rotel RSP 1066 pream (I'm planning to replace this soon with Classe probably).
Thank you
I owned the Jolida for awhile and really liked it especially with NOS tubes. You really can't beat it for the price. After awhile I did notice I was not getting enough detail and resolution so I sold it and bought a Cary 308. The Cary was a noticeable step up IMO. I think there are really good CDP's in the $1000-$1500 range used that will blow the doors off the Jolida. Look at the Sony ES-9000 SACD player. I heard one tonight and was very impressed. A used Cary 303/200 or 303/300 would be a nice choice. I own a Muse Signature 9 Gen III and more than satisfied with it. Ayre is really good but I think you can save a few bucks and get alot of player in the range I mention. Just my 2 cents :)
I meant to say the XA-9000 SACD player and not ES.
Should be happy wit the CX-7e or Cary 303/300 both are fine players.
If you decide the Jolida route let me know as i have a JD-100 with Level 1 mods from Underwood Hi Fi(great credentials) that i have been wanting to sell but haven't gotten around to it. It probably is improper for me to list a price here as to not offend the audiogon heads. This may already be an improper post. Not sure. So sorry if i am ignorant of that fact.But i do have one i am willing to sell in very good condition for less then the new price that you are looking at and with the mods. It's a few years old but functions perfectly and does sound great. I just upgraded to a much more expensive player and haven't been using this. My JD-100 with mods is certainly not lacking in detail to my ears.
I encourage you to consider a new Lexicon RT-20 for about
$1000, possibly slightly less, brand new. Excellent unit from a company you can be sure will provide excellent service for which the Lexicon brand is known for. Some threads about it will reveal very superior sound from this universal player.
Sound will easily surpass both units you mention.
I am very happy with my CX-7e. It's the best player I've ever heard, but I haven't heard the Jolida. From everything I've read about the Jolida, you're not really comparing CDP's in the same class here...I would expect the Ayre will be far better. If you're willing to spend what it takes to get the Ayre, then you should compare it against more similarly-priced CDP's, such as the Cary 303, the Simaudio CD5.3, Naim CDX2.
Thank you all for your opinions. There is another twist. I was able to find a local dealer for Jolida where I live. I was almost ready to order it but he told me that they had too many problems with JD-100. He suggested Grant Fidelity CD-327A ($1000 Canadian dollars btw) player. He clams that it sounds much better than Jolida. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts on Grant Fidelity CD-327A?

I can also pick up a new Consonance CD-120 for $598.
If you have up to $2000 to spend then I would not consider anything new below $1000. I never had any issues with the Jolida or have not heard of many here having problems. Never heard of Grant Fidelity? I would stick with a mainstream or popular brand in case you want to sell quickly. Trust your gut and do some research. There are so many good CDP's used in the $1000-$2000 range. Ayre, Cary, Wadia, Raysonic, Muse, the list is great :)
Thanks Sam. I'll do some more research but it's tough when you can't listen to all of these players. I just want a nice musical CD player as all I do is listen to cds. I'm worried about purchasing a used CD player as I had a bad experience with my old Rotel.

I'm having a hard time justifying spending $2000 for a CD player as I'm planning to get a new amp and pre amp soon. I think $1000 for a new (or used) is more within my price range. Ayre CX-7E would come without any warranty, so I'm not going to get it.

I did audition Rega Apolo and Cambridge Audio 840C. They are nice players but I felt they weren't much better than my old Rotel. CA840C was more detailed but not as musical as Rega. On the other hand Rega was more musical but I felt it wasn't the right player for me.

I thought to try Jolida because of raving reviews everywhere. I hoped that a tube CD player will give me the sound I'm looking for. Grant Fidelity is a Canadian manufacturer but the player is made in China.
If you want to stay around $1000 the Raysonic is nice, has tubes and it's a top loader. I think I saw one for under a grand. Happy Listening
The Ayre CX-7e is an amazing Redbook player. However, I'm not convinved it's the right player for you. I say this only becasue I used to own a very similar configuration as you (RSP-1066, RMB-1095, N805s). The RSP-1066 is not particularly transparent for 2-channel. It's not a bad basic HT processor, but as a double-duty 2-channel pre-amp, it leaves a bit to be desired.

Also, the Ayre CX-7e really excels when used as a balanced source, into a fully balanced pre-amp / amp. If you dumped all of your Rotel gear, and went with an Ayre AX-7e / CX-7e configuration (with your B&W N805S's), I think you'd be in heaven. I liked my N805s, and I think the N805S's are much better.

I know my response (on the surface) goes a bit off-course, but (IMHO) you're trying to build a system, not a collection of components. Is the CX-7e worth a $1,200 premium. Yes. Will you realize all the benefits. Not sure.
I just wanted to let you know that I ended up purchasing Raysonic CD128. I was able to get a good deal plus full warranty from a retailer in Ontario. I wanted Ayre but couldn't justify $2000 for a used player without any warranty.

Now, guys, I have tears in my eyes. I love Raysonic so much. This player is amazing. I can't stop listening. Everything sounds so much warmer (analog like) and more detailed than my old Rotel. I'm in heaven. Now, I want a new preamp, lol.

Thanks again for your help. This is a great little community.
Jolida is just so-so to my ears.
Had my Jolida for a number of years, and it has performed flawlessly and musically. It's not the last thing in detail, there are others much more expensive that will be more revealing.

I can understand how some may find JD100 units uninspired, that is if the units that lack the following tweaks:

upgraded PC - a must
NOS tubes - I run Sylvania Gold Label 5751s, after doing much tube rolling
Walker SST on tube pins
Some type chassis dampening
NOS tubes are definately produce good results in the JD100. The stock tubes are ok, but you can get a HUGE improvement for not so much $$ by swaping them out.