Jolida jd 100 remote control instructions

Hi, I have bought a second hand Jolida jd 100 with remote control but no instructions how to use it...I wonder if there is any way to find out how this remote works at its best.
I own one is yours a fairly large black aluminium cased unit with the ball bearing bittons? If so the unit should be marked with button functions what is your specific question? It should be self explanatory unless this is your first CD player that is "high End". I would be happy to help! e-mail me-
The only thing that I can think of with this remote that differs from other remotes is in the selecting of tracks past 10. If you want to jump to track 11, for instance, you have to press the "10+" button followed by the "1" button.
It took me a while to figure out on my MF-A5 that the play button (>) restarts the same track from the beginning if selected during play. In other players, the back (|<< ) button restarts the same track. I guess reading the instructions would have helped.